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الثلاثاء، 1 أكتوبر 2013

Over 1,200 violent deaths in Iraq this month

Over 1,200 violent deaths in Iraq this month

The Common Ills

September 30, 2013

, violence broke out all across Iraq -- even bombing in the KRG.  Today, Baghdad is the chief focal point.  Kareem Raheem (Reuters) reports 14 car bombs have resulted in "at least 54" deaths in the capital.  Fu Peng (Xinhua) reminds, "The attacks came a day after a wave of insurgent attacks killed 55 people and wounded some 135 others across Iraq."   Mohammed Tawfeeq (CNN) offers this context, "More than 5,000 civiilans have died and 12,000 have been wounded in terrorist attacks and other violence in Iraq in 2013, the United Nations Mission in Iraq reported this month. The region around Baghdad has been the hardest-hit, the agency said."

While the vast majority of deaths are taking place in Baghdad today, the last day of the month, violence also took place across Iraq. 
National Iraqi News Agency reports a Rakatil-Haj village bombing claimed 1 life and left five more people injured, a Diyala Province sticky bombing claimed the life of Mehdi al-Sumaidaie (Assistan Director of the Eductation Directorate for the province),  a Mosul roadside bombing claimed 3 lives and left three more people injured,  a Zawbaa roadside bombing claimed the life of 1 Sahwa and left three more injured, a Tikrit roadside bombing claimed the lives of 2 Iraqi soldiers and left three more injured, a Baquba sticky bombing injured one police officer,  and, dropping back to late last night, a Baquba roadside bombing left three Iraqi soldiers injured.   That's 8 deaths and 18 injured outside of Baghdad.  Adding that to the 54 deaths reported in Bahgdad leaves us with at least 62 deaths so far today from violence.

Through yesterday,
Iraq Body Count registers 1151 violent deaths for the month thus far.  Today is the last day of the month so the IBC total for September (issued tomorrow) will be over 1,200 deaths. 

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