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الأربعاء، 15 أبريل 2015

Can you make a contribution to build the global movement against militarism?

The forces of US militarism have reach and consequences all over the world. As board chair, that's why I know it's important for us to engage in this struggle with international allies like our work with Iraqi civil society organizations. That's also why we joined Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ) and sent IVAW Co-Director, Maggie Martin as a GGJ delegate to the 2015 World Social Forum in Tunisia.

GGJ Delegation, World Social Forum, Tunis, Tunisia
Maggie represented IVAW at the Forum including in two marches with thousands of participants who were curious and happy to see our bold Iraq Veterans Against the War sign amongst the crowd.
We sent an IVAW member to strengthen our ties to powerful domestic organizations fighting for justice in their own communities, make new international connections, and especially to connect with organizers in places effected by US militarism to build the movement against it.
Here's what Maggie said about her trip:
It was amazing to hear from and connect with so many people's movements from around the world. One highlight was definitely the "Feminist Unite!" workshop I participated in with powerful and insightful women panelist from Palestine, Tunisia, Kurdistan (Northern Iraq), and the US. This workshop included breakout sessions where I was able to dig in and discuss women and militarism.  One standout was the Kurdish women's framework around self-defense. They are there fighting militarily against ISIS, or Daesh, yet they don't romanticize or glorify that fight, they are firm in their principles of defending their bodies, their families, and their homes. I hope I can maintain communication with these women and find out more about what we can do to support their struggle without bringing more violence and destruction to their homeland. 
To hear more of Maggie's reflections read her blog about the trip, Fear, Guilt, and Love: Reflections on the World Social Forum from a US Veteran.
This trip is just one of many opportunities IVAW has had to be represented on the world stage of people's movements. If you'd like to see this work continue please make a donation todayWe count on donors like you to keep our organization strong and to empower our members to keep working for a better future.
Thank you for being part of our IVAW community and the global community standing up for peace and against war.

In solidarity both at home and abroad, 
Shawna Foster 
Board Chair, IVAW

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