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الثلاثاء، 26 مايو 2015

Muslims dying at sea

Right now thousands of Rohingya muslims could die at sea, but if enough of us ask them to, Gulf leaders can help get them to safety by providing financial resources for rescue missions. Sign the petition urging them to act quickly, then forward this to everyone: 


Dear friends,

Thousands of Rohingya muslims are stranded at sea right now -- no food, no water, nothing except hope for survival. With each wave that rocks the boat, mothers cling tighter to their children, wondering what will happen next. If we act quickly, we can help save them. 

Gulf leaders can shine a light into this darkness. Malaysia could rescue the stranded Rohingya, but it's costly to run these ships and then provide for thousands of refugees. The Gulf has strong ties with Malaysia, and have the financial resources, while also being committed to protecting muslims worldwide. If we create a massive call from across the region for Gulf leaders like Saudi Arabia and the UAE to be humanitarian heroes -- we could get them to act quickly. 

With every minute that goes by, families inch closer and closer to death. Click below to sign the urgent petition and share this widely -- let's create a call so big, Gulf leaders will be forced to listen:

In order to escape horrific conditions in Myanmar, the Rohingya have been fleeing to Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, only to be turned back to sea immediately. With nowhere to go and dwindling supplies, they are stranded and facing their final days. 

Many neighbours are reluctant to help the Rohingya, worried about long-term consequences. But instead of doing this alone, if we get the Gulf countries involved they can share the cost of bringing the families to safety and work together to pressure Myanmar to stop the cruel crackdown on Rohingya, which is the root of the problem. 

Malaysia could deploy aid immediately, but they may only move if key allies support them. With hefty investments from the UAE, and having just joined Saudi’s military coalition -- the Gulf has strong influence over Malaysia. Let’s now make sure together they bring hope to thousands of muslims. 

Our community in this region has a unique chance to not just witness this catastrophe unfold, but save lives and hold those who can help accountable. Time is running out. Sign the urgent petition and share this with everyone:
We’re seeing a pattern right now -- people around the globe are fleeing persecution with nothing on their backs except hope, only to be abandoned at sea. We can’t sit back and let this happen, and our community was built exactly for challenges like this. Let’s stand together now to save the Rohingya muslims so that no Rohingya child is dying of thirst.

With hope,

Rewan, Mohammad, Wissam, Alice, Mais and the entire Avaaz team

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