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الجمعة، 3 يوليو 2015

Thousands dead and injured in Iraq for the month of June

Thousands dead and injured in Iraq for the month of June

The Common Ills
Today, UNAMI announced the figures for Junes death toll in Iraq.  They go with 1,466 dead and 1,687 injured and those are the number you'll see.  Add 801 deaths for 2,488 deaths from violence (that includes security forces) and  2342 for the injured (includes security forces).

After over a year of criticism, they've made some attempt to include Anbar Province in the body of the report (136 killed and 163 injured).

This is an undercount.

They do not include the civilians in Falluja killed by the Iraqi military bombings of residential neighborhoods, for example.

Margaret Griffis and should offer their count today and it will be a higher number and a more reliable one.

On Falluja, Rudaw reports:

Airstrikes carried out over the last two weeks by the Iraqi Army against the Islamic State, or ISIS, have been causing heavy collateral damage on the civilian residents of Fallujah, the city's top health official reported Wednesday.

“The random airstrikes carried out by the Iraqi air forces against Daesh [ISIS] gunmen have killed 71 people and wounded 90 others,” Ahmad Shami, head of physicians in Fallujah Hospital, told Rudaw.

Staying with the topic of civilian deaths, Trevor Timm explores the topic at the Guardian.  He's noting the calls for more civilian deaths in Iraq.  We noted this when we reported on the House Armed Services Committee hearing on June 24th.  And you can also refer to the June 4th snapshot as well as in "Iraq: Failed follow ups and whining that bombs aren't being dropped quick enough"

Dumb ass of the day 'honor' goes to Asawin Suebsaeng.  At The Daily Beast, he uses Stephan Jenkins for sport.

Suebsaeng clearly thinks he's smarter than Stephan -- this despite spelling the first name "Stephen."

What a stupid and smug idiot.

He writes condescending crap like this:

In fact, the Third Eye Blind singer is quite the politics nerd—and a flaming liberal. He told The Daily Beast, in the more sober light of day, that he even wants to make time for political blogging and penning op-eds. He just needs to find a publication willing to accept his pitches.

I know Stephan very well.

And he is political and is known for being political and we got into a screaming match in the 90s when he was part of a group of people weighing in that Bill Clinton should no longer be president (over the Monica Lewinsky blow job).

He was part of a forum on the topic (in Rolling Stone) and we had a very loud argument over that.

(I like Stephan -- then and now -- but we disagreed strongly on that topic.)

That was not Stephan's first foray into politics.

And in our shared stomping grounds, you have to be very political.

Just because some wet-behind-his-ears idiot 'journalist' is unaware of reality -- or even how to spell someone's first name -- does not mean he can get away with making up things.  The Daily Beast continues to go downhill.  It's past time quality measures and fact checking were implemented at The Daily Beast and can someone explain to me in what world a publication covers a known figure and doesn't bother to check the spelling of their name?
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