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الخميس، 29 أكتوبر 2015

The 'plan' is a failure

The 'plan' is a failure

The Common Ills
Barack Obama's plan or 'plan' for Iraq is an abject failure.

More and more, realities emerge that even the last remaining hold outs in the Cult of St. Barack can't hush away.
Aaron MacLean (Washington Free Beacon) notes the claims the government presented on 60 Minutes this week and how they just don't spell s-u-c-c-e-s-s:

That tells a story, but not a story about which the Pentagon wants you to reflect. The Pentagon would rather you consider the map they provided to 60 Minutes showing territorial losses by the Islamic State since the beginning of the air campaign. Indeed, the Caliphate has lost Tikrit, in a coalition campaign waged with significant participation by Iranian-backed militias. But it retains Mosul and has captured Ramadi during the same period of time. At the very best, this map shows that 20 to 30,000 poorly trained, loosely organized jihadists have fought a coalition that includes the world’s most powerful military to a stalemate.
Speaking of those 20 to 30,000 enemy fighters, the U.S. military would like you to know that they are being killed at around the rate of 1,000 per month. To his credit, Martin finds this a little bit confusing and points out that the total estimate for enemy fighters remains unchanged from 2014, when it was also 20 to 30,000. Martin asks the officer leading him on his tour, “So as long as they can keep bringing fighters in there, are you just shoveling sand against the tide?” The response: “I don’t know if that’s the way I’d put it. You have to eliminate folks. You have to take the enemy off the battlefield. And as they put new folks in, they’re not as seasoned and capable, and we’ll take them out too.”

The 'plan' is a failure.

And claims that it must be given time no longer hold up, not 15 months after it began.

Barack's lost his special envoy on the project -- Gen John Allen.

Now he's plugged Brett McGurk into that role -- and done so with little debate or public oversight.

Brett McGurk who was close to Nouri al-Maliki.

Brett McGurk whose advice on Iraq was repeatedly wrong -- he began (mis)serving under Bully Boy Bush.

Brett McGurk whom both the Sunnis and the Kurds are leery of.

This is the way to unite Iraq?

This is the way to help Iraq?

Either Barack's attempting to destroy the country or he's terminally ignorant and unable to learn and/or adapt.

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