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الخميس، 4 أبريل 2013

Settlers Assault 16-Year-Old Palestinian in Jerusalem

Settlers Assault 16-Year-Old Palestinian in Jerusalem

Palestine News Network

April 1, 2013
On Monday 1st April, a group of settlers assaulted the 16-year-old boy Mohammad Sultan Khalil Saleh, a resident of al-Magharbeh Gate area (Bab al-Magharbeh), near the village of Silwan in Jerusalem while heading to his school.

Sultan Saleh, the boy's father, told Palestinian official news agency WAFA that around 12 settlers assaulted his son Mohammed while passing by al-Buraq Wall "Western Wall" in al-Magharbeh Gate area, on his way to his school "al-Rashidiyeh" in al-Sahera gate (Herod's gate). The boy suffered extensive bruises and a severe injury in his eye, and was transferred to one of the hospitals in Jerusalem for treatment.

The Father said that settlers severely beat the boy with no reason for the attack. The father also said that he filed a complaint to the Israeli Police in the city regards the incident.

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