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الاثنين، 15 أبريل 2013


by Iraqi Spring Media Center on 15-04-2013
BRussells Tribunal

Fallujah - April 12, 2013
Main Events:
  • Government forces block off streets and roads leading to areas of Unified Prayers in Baghdad.
  • Large explosion in the area of the Baquba Mafraq, one kilometer away from the place of Friday Unified Prayers while citizens accuse government forces of perpetrating it.
  • 2 (two) worshippers martyred by an explosion near Al Zughul Mosque in Ali Al Salih in Baghdad, on leaving after prayers, despite the presence of the army and police, there.
  • Martyrdom and wounding of tens of innocent citizens after detonation of two IEDs targeting worshippers leaving Omar bin Abdul Azeez Mosque in the Kana’an area in Diyala.
  • Government forces block off streets leading to Unified Friday Prayers in Al Imam Al A’adham Mosque in Al A’adhamiya, including the 14th Ramadhan Bridge.
  • Large numbers of government troops surround the Burhaneldeen Mosque and provoke demonstrators.
  • Al Ramadi Friday Orator (Khateeb), Al Shaikh Qusay Al Zain and Shaikh Saeed, wear shrouds, on   WE WILL NOT SURRENDER ….EITHER OUR RIGHTS OR MARTYRDOM FRIDAY.
  • Falluja Friday Orator (Khateeb), affirms that Iraq is now under a new Iranian Occupation after the American Occupation ….. and accuses the government of stealing public funds (monies).
  • Sammarra’a Friday Orator (Khateeb):”Should the government believe that torture and executions will frighten these crowds, then it is very much mistaken, for the state of the people spells out that were the sun to be put in our right hand and the moon in our left one, we will not back down and retreat until we get all our rights.”
  • Pride and Dignity Field in Ramadi salutes the Iraqi Resistance and affirms peaceful nature of the Revolution without any weakness.
  • Widespread anger and discontent amongst worshippers and demonstrators as a result of the explosions that targeted the innocent, while government troops intensify their suppression of the innocent and protect criminals while allowing them to target innocent worshippers.
  • A grand parade of the Al Anbar Tribes in Pride and Dignity Field.
Today’s Statistics:

-        Numerous Unified Friday Prayers were held in Baghdad and several Iraqi Provinces while the Iraqi Spring Media Center documented most of these Prayers through a network of correspondents throughout Iraq and were as follows:  
PROVINCE                                  MOSQUE
1-Baghdad – Al A’adhamiya     Al Imam Al A’adham
2-Baghdad – Al Amiriya             Al Hassanain Mosque
3-Baghdad – Al Khadra’a           Al Rahman Mosque
4-Baghdad – Al Jamia’a             Burhanideen Mosque
5-Baghdad – Al Mansour          Dallal Al Kubaissy Mosque
6-Baghdad – Al Yarmouk          Al Mustafa Mosque
7-Baghdad – Al Ghazaliya         Al Siddeeq Mosque
8-Baghdad – Al Doura               Al Tawheed Mosque
9-Baghdad – Al Seydiyya          Shakir Al Abboud Mosque
10-Baghdad                                        Al Sulaikh
11-Baghdad                                        Zayyouna
12-Baghdad                                        Hay Al Qahira
13-Ninevah                                         Al Ahrar
14-Ninevah                                    The Prophet Sheet Mosque
15-Ninevah                                    Hay Al Baladiyat – Al Saigh  Mosque
16-Ninevah                                    Hay Al Sukkar – Al Rahma Mosque
17-Ninevah                                    Hay Al Quds – Al Huda Mosque
18-Ninevah                                    Hay Al Qadissiya – Al Niaimi Mosque
19-Ninevah                                    Nimrod District – The Great Mosque
20-Ninevah                                    Hay Al Mansour – Al Rahman Mosque
21-Ninevah                                   Al Ba’ajj District – The Great Al Ba’ajj Mosque
22-Ninevah                                   Baddoush District
23-Al Anbar – Al Ramadi            Pride and Dignity Field
24-Al Anbar                                   Falluja
25-Al Anbar – Heet                      Othman bin Affan Mosque
26-Al Anbar – A’anna                  Square next to A’anna Sports Ground
27-Al Anbar – Rawa                    Rawa Sports Ground
28-Al Anbar – Al Qaim               Sports Ground next to Railway Track
29-Al Anbar – Al Obaidi              Al Mustafa Mosque
30-Al Anbar – Al Kerabla            The Sports Ground
31-Sallahudeen                             Sammarra’a
32-Sallahudeen                             Tikreet
33-Sallahudeen                             Beiji
34-Sallahudeen                             Al Dhuluiya
35-Sallahudeen                             Al Shirqatt
36-Sallahudeen                            Al Dour – Omar bin Abdul Azeez
37-Sallahudeen                            Sulaiman Bey
38-Diyala – Baquba                     Sarriya Mosque
39-Diyala – Al Muqdadiya         Hay AL Mua’llimeen
40-Diyala – Jallawla’a                 Abu Hanifa Mosque
41-Diyala – Baladrouz                Al Hay Al Asri Mosque
42-Diyala – Qarra Teppa            Al Sallam Mosque
43-Diyala – Mendili                    Al Hidaya Mosque
44-Diyala – Kana’an                   Omar bin Abdul Azeez Mosque
45-Al Ta’ameem – Kirkuk          Parade Ground
46-Al Ta’ameem – Al Hawija

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