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الأربعاء، 3 يوليو 2013

S. Africans' NObama protests Day 2 against 'World's Top Assassin'

S. Africans' NObama protests Day 2 against 'World's Top Assassin'

By: Deborah Dupre


Hundreds of South African "NObama Campaigners" are again gathered Saturday in cities such as Johannesburg and Pretoria where Friday, some 1000 protesters gathered at Caledonian Stadium to march to the United States Embassy against the visit by what they called "The world's top assassin," Barack Obama.

"NObama protestors were herded away from the entrance and now lining the old Potch road," tweeted Versahni Pillay around 7 A.M. ET on Saturday. "Crew member tells me there were 400 at last count."
Protesters have gathered again today to ensure Obama knows he, his brand of leadership and war crimes are unwanted in South Africa, they say.
"You may be a great orator but we South Africans know that you are a big disappointment and a war criminal," another Tweet says on the.#nObamaTwitter feed around 8 A.M. Saturday.
NOBama campaign protestants are presently standing and singing in the sun, outside the University of Johannesburg in Soweto.
Friday, protesters "sang, danced, and chanted slogans denouncing Obama ahead of his official visit to South Africa," reports Times Live about Friday's NObama protests.
One large banner with Obama's face behind prison bars said, "Meet the World's Top Assassin".
"No, You Can't Obama," said another of many signs carried.
"Down with Obama," and Down with US foreign policy," they chanted,according to Russia Today.
Many local and international journalists who have been camping outside the nearby Medi-Clinic Heart hospital where former president Nelson Mandela has been in critical condition, rushed to the stadium.
The #NObama Campaign has been planned for days and was trending on Twitter Friday.
"Thank you #NoObama protestors in South Africa for speaking truth, standing for justice and refusing to be fooled by the Obama myth!" tweeted Ali Abunimah on Saturday morning.
"Today a mass murderer will land on our shores. A traitor to the cause of peace-loving citizens of the world. #Drones #Terror #Spying #NObama," another NObama tweet said.
Protests planned for Saturday are underway, according to CCTVA Africa Livereport, available on YouTube, are now underway.
When the New York Times asked Benjamin J. Rhodes, Obama’s deputy national security adviser, to comment on the South African NObama protests; he would only say that South Africa "is a vibrant democracy."
A sample of that type of democracy and related freedom can be viewed on the NObama Twitter feed over the past twenty-four hours.
"#NObama Sorry Barack, there is no oil in South please take your lies and leave immediately!" a Tweet reads on the #NObama Twitter page.
Saturday, people are still camped outside the nearby hospital where human rights hero Nelson Mandela has been four times since December, mostly for a stubborn lung infection.
That man, once branded a terrorist by the United States and Britain, walked free from prison near Cape Town in 1990.
Today, a man branded a terrorist by thousands of Americans, South Africans and others around the globe, Obama, walks where many are working for his arrest.
"#warcriminal #Obama There is no place for warlords like you in our country!," Tweeted Lincoln September on Saturday. "You are the true terrorist Barack!#NObama"
Sources: Times Live, CCTVA Africa Live, Twitter, NObama Campaign


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