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الثلاثاء، 9 يوليو 2013

Settlers injure disabled Palestinian shepherd


Israeli settlers attacked and injured a Palestinian shepherd in the South Hebron Hills village of Tuba Friday evening.  The international organisation Operation Dove reports that at 6.00 p.m. on 5 July, an Israeli settler drove through the Palestinian village of Tuba on a quad bike. Some ten minutes later, a car containing four settlers drove through the village before stopping alongside Meher Isa Aliawad, a 20 year old shepherd with mental disabilities who was grazing his flock on Palestinian-owned land. Aliawad began running toward his home while the settlers threw rocks at him, hitting and seriously injuring Aliawad's left arm. The settlers then drove out of Tuba.
Meher Isa Aliawad is treated by his sister after being stoned by settlers in the South Hebron Hills village of Tuba (Photo: Operation Dove)

Aliawad required stitches for the wounds he sustained from Friday's settler attack (Photo: Operation Dove)

This settler attack was part of three days of Israeli military and settler violence in the South Hebron Hills, violence which included military and settler invasionsmilitary trainings and the arrest of Palestinian and Israeli activists.

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