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الجمعة، 27 نوفمبر 2015

If it were a film, it would be a franchise

If it were a film, it would be a franchise

The Common Ills
"I'm so not into this sequel."

That's what a friend said about the latest wave of the never ending Iraq War.


In film terms, it would be a franchise.

And the main players all appear to have the option for several more sequels.

Press TV reports:

The UK’s former Foreign Secretary William Hague says London should not rule out having some of its own forces on the ground in Syria and Iraq.
In an article published in the Telegraph, Hague wrote that the destruction of ISIL militants also known as D*** would require a military presence on the ground.

We don't use the D-word here and we're not going to repost it anymore when quoting people or outlets.  You can see yesterday's snapshot for why but it's no surprise that the Sunni-hostile Press TV would use the term.  It is, however, surprising that the White House would rush to copy Press TV's lead.

Back to the film theme, US Senator John McCain must have a slice of the merchandising because he's never ceased to advocate for more war on Iraq.

It would be a franchise, not a mere sequel -- something like the POLICE ACADEMY franchise where it goes on forever and ever and everyone appears to have forgotten what it was ever really about in the first place.

Thom Yorke of Radiohead didn't forget.  RT reports:

Thom Yorke of British rock band Radiohead has claimed Tony Blair’s advisors tried to blackmail him into meeting the former prime minister in 2003. However, he says he rejected the offer because he opposed Blair’s Iraq war.
In an interview with Paris-based magazine Télérama, the Radiohead frontman alleged the blackmail took place while he was a spokesperson for the climate change campaign The Big Ask.

Bono was never troubled by cock-knocking with Blair or, for that matter, Bully Boy Bush.

And that's one reason U2 couldn't give away that last album.

And, if you've forgotten, they literally tried to give it away for free via iTunes.

And still people weren't interested.

Bono's embrace of the War Hawks was as cowardly as his failure to ever speak out against the Iraq War but, remember, he told Rolling Stone that he'd lose access to Bush if he ever shared what he really thought about the Iraq War.

Cock-knocking cost U2 their credibility and their audience.

(Those aware of Bono's never ending affairs over the last decades knew he was never the average joe he pretended to be but a very sleazy lounge lizard.)

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