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الخميس، 14 يناير 2016

Help Ibrahim's Family To Start A new Life

Help Ibrahim's Family To Start A new Life

Ibrahem Abu-Khosa
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Hope is neither a mistake nor an imagination, it is a sense and it makes reality.

Despite the increase in unemployment, the stop of employing workers in different fields, the disruption in public jobs, the suffocating siege and the continuous devastation on the Gaza strip, the idea emerged, to help the people and to reduce the suffering and pain of the Palestinians in Gaza and to create job opportunities to the unemployed, especially when I recognised the increase demand of the infrastructure building materials and the building stones for the destroyed houses.

Therefore I decided to setup a small factory at my home, by personal and individual effort, but I saw that the idea became popular and was widely accepted in the community, which promoted me to increase the production power of the plant, and this requires the transition to a larger area other than my home to receive a good number of unemployed young people to be trained in making stones, and also it requires bringing an appropriate number of advanced modern machinery that helps in the production speed and in the implementation accuracy.

However I can’t provide enough money for the expansion of the project, and that is because I have a family and I live in a rented house which needs money, therefore I deeply wish that you can help me in expanding and upgrading my project.

And my needs are summarized as follows:

· Rent a piece of land with an area of not less than 1,000 square meters -  2000 $ .

·  Purchase of infrastructure equipments and materials for establishing the project: 5000 $ .
I am looking for your generous contributions to help me and my family for life as others.

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