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الخميس، 28 يناير 2016

The Iraqi government's War Crimes

The Iraqi government's War Crimes

The Common Ills
Today, Human Rights Watch is warning "Iraq: Civilians Pay Price of Conflict." 

Will anyone listen?

We can always hope.

But as we saw last week, when the United Nations issued a report making similar points, the western press ran with condemnations of the terrorist group the Islamic State while avoiding the crimes of the Iraqi government.

Tuesday, the 19th, when the report was released, it was one piece after another about the Islamic State.  By the end of last week, only Aisha Maniar (TRUTHOUT) had bothered to cover the reports of the Iraqi government targeting civilians.

Will it be any different this week?

Who knows.

But Human Rights Watch notes:

 Iraqi security forces and pro-government militias committed possible war crimes during 2015 in their fight against the extremist group Islamic State, also known as ISIS, by unlawfully demolishing buildings in recaptured areas and forcibly disappearing residents, Human Rights Watch said today in its World Report 2016.
Iran, the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and other countries provided military support to the Iraqi government despite a continued absence of credible accountability for those responsible for these crimes.
ISIS carried out numerous atrocities, including summary executions and indiscriminate bombings.

“ISIS and Iraq’s government-affiliated militias are both committing atrocities against civilians with evident support from their commanders,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East director. “Making matters worse – much worse – is the fact that Iraq’s justice system isn’t providing any semblance of accountability.”

As we stated last week, the Islamic State is a terrorist organization.

Terrorist organizations commit crimes.  They do awful things.

That's what a terrorist organization does and is.

But a government is supposed to protect its citizens.

When a government fails to do that or, worse, when it targets and persecutes its citizens, that's what's known as news.

Unless you're unethical.

Unless your press badge is contingent upon you echoing the US State Dept.

Telling the truth is apparently too hard for too many western news and 'news' outlets.

Possibly because these documented abuses are supposed to mean that US laws kick in and that Iraq's US funding dries up.

Apparently, the same US press that had a vested interest in selling the illegal war in the first place continues to have a huge stake in keeping the Iraq War going.

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