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الاثنين، 29 فبراير 2016

Blair’s deceit cost 179 British troops their lives in Iraq War, claims shocking book

Blair’s deceit cost 179 British troops their lives in Iraq War, claims shocking book

TONY BLAIR cost 179 British troops their lives due to his “deceit" in the lead up to the Iraq War, an explosive new book has claimed.

Tony BlairGETTY
Tony Blair is in the spotlight over his handling of the Iraq War
Broken Vows, by investigative journalist Tom Bower, alleges the former Prime Minister concluded in 2002 that Saddam Hussein needed to be tackled in order to introduce a regime change.
Based on a series of interviews with military chiefs and others, the book goes on to say Mr Blair repeatedly deceived his Cabinet and put lives at risk by appearing to seek a peaceful solution as tensions mounted with then-Iraq leader Saddam Hussein.
The book alleges this meant military chiefs were therefore unable to order vital body armour and protective equipment for all troops.
A total of 179 troops later died after going into battle without being properly protected, says the book.
Broken Vows claims Geoff Hoon, then Defence Secretary, appealed to Mr Blair, saying: ‘We need to order machine-guns, body armour and other equipment.”
However, the book says Mr Blair responded by saying: “No. I’ve got to keep the UN negotiations [with Saddam over allowing weapons inspectors to enter Iraq] going and I can’t act as (an) honest broker if it’s clear we’re planning to go to war.”
The book, which will be published on March 3, is likely to spark a furore, appearing before the publication of the long-awaited Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq war.
Tony Blair meets troops in Basra, Iraq, in 2004GETTY
Tony Blair meets troops in Basra, Iraq, in 2004
Tony BlairGETTY
Tony Blair was 'deceitful' claims book
The inquiry began six years ago.
Bower’s book makes further claims Mr Blair ignored appeals to make plans for a postwar Iraq, saying the Americans were taking care of it, and alleges he dismissed warnings from military chiefs Iraq could become a Vietnam-style disaster.
A spokesman for Tony Blair's Office said: "None of these allegations are new. "All were extensively covered and rebutted in evidence to the various inquiries.
"This is simply an attempt to twist the facts to suit the author’s pre-determined agenda."

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