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الأربعاء، 24 فبراير 2016

What is Freemasonry ?

What is Freemasonry ?

 Apollion -Baphomet was one of my mentors who from childhood  that The United Grand Lodge of England “366” Duncan Lodge 234 and  Scottish Rite Officers forced me to attend to ensure I met the toys of the Most High and Holy Micheal Chief of Yahweh’s Envoys. The Angels and Gods will come to you if you call upon them and if you go to their Shrine Temples they will certainly appear to you or have some thing that appears as a human appear to you but in reality your probably meeting one of the sphinx people.
The word Freemason when translated from Anglo-Saxon English into Scribal Paleo-Hebrew  is defined “Free Yahwehs Malak Saan which is Satan that causes by design adversity and the opposite effect of what a pure heart desires.  This order degree through degree teaches us it is an Order that was developed before the earth was created and in our ritual lesson we are introduced to the Holy Angels an in the Order Enoch-Chanowk recorded, we are blindfolded and lifted with Masonic Swords in a triangle around us through the morning skies then into the black realms of space called the river of blood that was created during the rebellion in Heaven after we pass by the last planets we enter into the floor of Heaven the Egyptians called the Mystic Sea and the River the Scribes call the river of life and then we are flown towards the Temple of Yahweh also called EOYA and we then are greeted with Yahweh closing this realm and casting us the seeds of the Angels back into the earth with terrible force from a silver matter that comes from the hand of this King of Heaven our Great Maker who lives in a realm so cold it is lethal to those in that realm. Hate is what I felt in Heaven and what I saw was very beautiful beside the river of life the trees that heal the nation exist and the tree of life that is no longer in this earth stands frozen . From the Temple of Yahweh we see the River of life projects the universe beneath like a plasma Television screen to those in Heaven who wish to view the evil  designed from Heaven.
As we are cast down back into the earth we drop at a greater rate of speed than we rose because we have violated a no fly zone clearly and it is also said we were never meant to see that Heavens King sits amused at this intentional mis-creation and all the horrors that should not be. We see and are told the stars that light the night skies are in reality the murder victims of the current king of heaven who absorbed their energy to build all we saw in Heaven and this is shown in the Degrees of Freemasonry once one is shown  Lucifer’s  Scottish Rite regeneration of the Angels and Gods from pure children such as JonBenet Ramesy photoed below……..
If you read Masonic Order writers Degree 97-100 writings found in such writings as Aliester Crowley’s ” Magik in Theory and Practice” you will then see these are the true Great workings and needs of the Freemasons and Scottish Rite that is the True  Power behind lesser groups like the Church of Satan. Children are what these Alien life forms work to drain and operate to devour as the lions were designed to devour the lambs.
I like Aliester Crowley met degree through degree Angels, Gods and Nephilim Vampires  who I was shown I could use to change the course of events throughout the world with even to appoint as leaders and to murder law enforcement investigators who were looking at Order workings in the communities that include commanding legions of Gods to addict to Order controlled Narcotics and all of this I was greatly sickened by but forced to agree to see for a time until I had enough information to bring down these powers by placing this Hidden light of the Holy one into the eyes of the intentionally blinded.
Yes  I met with and slept with daughter of these Angels who addict and lead along the stairway to heaven and into the great high places in the earth and I met with and dealt narcotics with Novus Ordo Narcotics Traffickers and even watched Angels Daughters become Drug Enforcement agents and endured murder attempts through TTX being placed into my food and drinks in night clubs and restaurants that caused me to become liken to a skitzo that could not due to chemical poisoning explain what I had seen and certainly could never write. I was then placed into a State Controlled Mental Hospital and fed more mind killing medications and visited by the Angel Lucifer and Satan and the angelic girlfriend who obtained the position of Doctor along with a Muslim-32nd Degree placed and paid mental health doctor. I simply needed added to by body Saline and food that would bond saline to thought receptors which I later did and discovered when studying the effects of ttx and the chemicals required to restore my minds own chemical balance which I did without the help of the damn state who I had condemned by a U.S. Marine Intelligence Officer. So seek wise council not those who say they are wise but whom prove they are wise when your being called wrong and insane you probably are not. Pearls before swine like leaders are to often crushed………
Remember I was raised by Holy Micheal and held before Yahweh and the other brother angels who all work together as designed who all agreed to cause this evil I opposed and write about and to even cause my death.  Your thoughts on the evil powers of heaven are all correct and church leaders can not define what we are shown by the builders of the universe.  The very word Bible simply translates to ZeraBABBELZEBUBZEVOODOO and Book of Beelzebub and Holy BabbelON …….it is a Masonic Production and it does turn good water into wine and good people into drunkards and unwilling addicts and young men into SONS ……Saans……Satan’s…..we were all ordered lost and blinded through our assigned languages and translations and to be deceived and in reality controlled by simply a few Holy Angelic Brothers who desire all you see and all that hurts us all.
Holy Micheal sends light to Cops, Christians and Holy Islamic’s that is clearly falsehood and when it comes time to send Holy Angelic and Masonic Operative light this will never happen because you then would see the true impellers and the tares who tare into and force addiction and other terrible unwanted attacks and states of evil……
The rituals are controlled by the Angel Micheal who controls the morning stars and the Light of the Universes and the only one who can open heaven and allow humanity to see into the Temple and realm of the King of Heaven .
It is our spirit we travel in while our flesh is still within the earth we fly on a silver line and remember astral or masonic travel is also referred to as being troweled and compassed on a square with the maker who likes to hide from the toys we were designed to be.

Free E-Book for the Non Masonic 366-322 Royal and Select Coded

Back Cover
Degree366/322 produced 9-11 Terror & More Holy Masonic Ordered Terror in the works.
Free Audio Book version on Youtube at this link:
Note: This is not the finial edit version of this book but it will benefit you the target citizens and at no cost.
Table Of Contents


Due to the legally documented facts concerning the Masonic Orders desires to murder me and attacks that left me unable to move and unable to speak prior to and post 9-11 I am compelled to pass on what I was taught by the Masonic Order to others to ensure this for profit criminal organization and the oldest one in the world that daily engineers snares which causes falsehood to abound and senseless suffering and devastation to the citizens of this dying nation and nations abroad is clearly placed into the light. You outside the order are the Black Squares on the Lodge floors and victims of the Darkness they have built. 
See now from my view which is the view of a founding family member and former student of the United Grand Lodge of England and the Royal Masonic Order and now enemy of the Order in which I have been Ordered executed by for simply answering no to the 9-11 Order and countless other murderous demands.
I survived these murder attempts for some reason and have finally been able to write the forbidden life saving light the heavenly father refused to shine deadly day by deadly day.
I know this material will empower and protect the citizenship deserving and their kids whom I know deserve much better and who can take the lessons taught in this book and design the much better green pastures required few are rewarded though deserving of.
A great war is underway and this book maps it out and drives you the intended target out of harms way. This book contains U.S. Intel Briefs that have been kept hidden from the Public that prove this information is correct and proves Masonry was the catalyst for 9/11/2001, proving they profit still today from 9-11 and proving Masonry has designed yet another warmachine so much more lethal than their  Holocaust and proving the weapons used today are far more deadly and have caused greater casualties than the Holocaust and 9-11 combined.
Documented in the following intelligence, contained in the text clearly displays their continued aggression and powers to suppress vital information within this once free society.
This text records the efforts of three distinguished researchers and writers. Each individual has been actively involved in the development which was the forerunner free source of much of this information designed to inform citizens we were advised were desired dead through various Masonic Orders agendas. The website also contained code translations Masonic Order and Skull and Bones Politicians are using such as the famous Baathist Skull and Bones 322 numerical coding. Due to more murder attempts and constant cyber attacks we endured while building the website we decided to set this info into eternal text.
The combined selfless contributions of these writers, along with contributions from Order members secretly in treason (coded “dead ducks”), have made this text possible.
We have another site up and in the works that is on this site we will keep society updated and answer any questions you have if you simply leave a comment on the site.
Remember reader these 7000 years of Desolation the King of Heaven has Ordered for his amusement are nearing the end which has evil at maximum levels and know the King of Heaven has not one care for you nor any other and know this evil we are all enduring is custom designed at the United Grand Lodge of England [U.G.L.E.] that houses the offices of Yahweh’s Malak also known as the fallen ones, the sons of Yahweh. This U.G.L.E. is where the true powers of modern Babylon are housed and then transferred into the Shrines and local common Freemason Lodges.
We kept this book short and to the point with plenty of reference readings recommended which you will need to read to understand the text which is also rooted in the writings of the Paleo-Hebrew Scribes language the oldest language in the world which will give you the true spiritual values of the words you’re demanded upon to pray and to use in your casual conversations.  So many words have spiritual values that can have you overtaken and killed in a split second.
Yahweh is again who causes to be and to exist along with his Malak whom bred with human women creating children who became the great leaders and the Sovereigns of the Royal Order of Freemasons and the Enthroned ones upon Crowns and Economic Crowns that cause famine and fund this age of oppression and damned evil.
Read on, be well fortified and be ready to exit this nation because the agenda is as written, absolute desolation and through the Babylonian Masonic Order systems. Keep in mind the prophets words “ The wise were offshore in boats having been given the light and power to place themselves at the appointed time upon the waters from where they were to see this very nation suddenly burned with fire and every living thing in Bible-on was destroyed.

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