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الجمعة، 25 مارس 2016

The thing about War Crimes . . .

The thing about War Crimes . . .

The Common Ills
We'll note this Tweet:

  • Listen to the sadistic comments of British soldiers while beating ´i children,! NATO "values"!

  • It's rare if it's one group committing War Crimes.

    War Crimes result from a culture.

    That doesn't mean that all participate.

    It does mean that the culture makes it very easy for a number to participate.

    Which is why you have British soldiers allegedly committing War Crimes and it's why you have US serve members allegedly committing War Crimes.

    In both instances, it's not all.

    But even one is too many.

    And if they're not addressed, they infect the culture even more.

    The following community sites -- plus FPIF, Jody Watley and Dissident Voice updated:

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