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الخميس، 12 مايو 2016

The Islamic State has not been defeated

The Islamic State has not been defeated

The Common Ills
In Iraq today, another bombing with massive casualties.  BBC News notes, "A car bomb at a crowded Baghdad market has killed at least 64 people, officials say, in one of the worst recent attacks in the Iraqi capital." Sinan Salaheddin (AP) adds that the Islamic State (Sunni terrorist group) has already claimed responsibility for the bombing.

  1. More images from Sadr City bombings in Baghdad. Conflicting reports on number of martyrs.
  2. Images of the earlier bombings in Sadr City, Baghdad.

The bombing took place in the Sadr City section of Baghad -- also known as "slum" by some outlets.  It's where Shi'ite cleric and movement leader Moqtada al-Sadr's Baghdad followers live -- in squalor.  XINHUA reports that, in addition to the 64 dead, there are at least 87 people who have been left injured.  The already alarming death toll could rise further depending on how severe some of the injuries are.

The amount of daily killings in is staggering. Sadly only few care, majority can't be bothered.

CBS NEWS notes the climate the bombing took place in, "But CBS News correspondent Charlie D'Agata reported the tension that erupted in the Green Zone had been building for months; simmering anger at the government over charges of corruption and criticism that they appear unable to stop ISIS from carrying out terror attacks in the capital city and elsewhere."

Earlier this week, Baquba was the site of a bombing.  RUDAW reported, "A car bomb in the town of Baquba in Diyala province killed 12 and wounded 40 others on Monday evening."

The Islamic State is on the run!!!!

To an area near you soon?

Barack Obama was right when he called them "j.v."  They are a minor organization.

They do have sufficient arms, however.

The US government has ensured that, right Hillary?

The real reason Hillary doesn't like the Benghazi story.

Running those arms out of Libya to Syrian 'rebels' (Islamic State members).

Thinking they would stay in Syria was really beyond foolish.

And this is discussed all over except on US television.

AP did a report this week where they were noting the inability to convince Iraqis that the US government was not supporting the Islamic State.

Of course they believe the US is supporting the Islamic State.

Syria borders Iraq.  The Islamic State in Syria has been provided with arms by the US government.

That qualifies as support.

Hillary supported them, Barack supported them.  Samantha Power argued that even if there was a problem that developed, they would turn Syria into a drain hole and absorb all the terrorism in the area.

Didn't work out that way, Sammy?

(And are you surprised, Samantha, that I can use your term in the discussion "drain hole"?  You shouldn't be. I'm probably better connected with the administration right now than you are.  Certainly, it's true that any analysis I've offered tended to be accurate while your own backfired repeatedly.)

The Islamic State is not being defeated.

It's multiplying.

There were ways to address it -- political means.

But that's not been done.

And the j.v. league?  It's having a 'winning' season.

Even if Hillary herself is faltering yet again.

The people's choice?

Someone forgot to tell the people of West Virginia.

For a sure thing, Hillary spends a lot of time losing primaries to Bernie Sanders.

She better hope the US press continue to stay silent about the arms running program out of Libya or the American people might start really hating her -- yes, they can hate her even more.

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