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الجمعة، 13 مايو 2016

To further prove how little the west cares about Iraq, a blond woman shows up to self-promote on its back

To further prove how little the west cares about Iraq, a blond woman shows up to self-promote on its back

The Common Ills
With no sense of irony or sarcasm, PRESS TV serves up stenography from the US military that the Islamic State "is losing in Iraq's battleground" and quotes US Major Gen Gary Volesky stating on Wednesday that the Islamic State's "ability to conduct large-scale offensive operations has primarily stopped.  They're more on the defensive, trying to delay Iraqi security forces just to buy time."

Again, these remarks were made on Wednesday.


When bombings -- just three -- left nearly 100 people dead in Iraq.

Wednesday, the day that Iraq saw its worst violence of 2016 so far.

And the violence was carried out by the Islamic State.

This wasn't "defensive" action.

But notice, there's no endless chatter on US cable, no grasping of the pearls, none of the horror that we've recently seen when the place of violence is in Europe, for example.

100+ killed in Baghdad yet no newspaper or news agency give the same importance they did to Paris or Brussels.


Most either ignore the violence or rush to file their few paragraph written reports or offer a sentence or two on the air.

The horror in Iraq yesterday is not treated as a horror.

So maybe the Islamic State isn't the only terrorist group?

Maybe there is also the terrorism of silence operating?

The only people still tweeting about the ISIS massacre of civilians in Iraq are Iraqi tweeps. Shocking how little interest it generates.


And the whores come out.

In fact, look at this fat and hagged out one.

Joe and I at Stanford ready to speak to a class on media and the Iraq war. Got some things to say...

Oh, she's gotten old.

She really needs her photos to be touched up these days.

And Wilson looks ridiculous with that hair.  As a general rule, no man should have a 'flip' in the back no matter how big a fan of Florence Henderson's pioneering hair work on THE BRADY BUNCH he might be.

Val's got a lot to say, she insists.

But check out her Twitter feed.

She's had nothing to say about Iraq there.

Why would she?

She's a whore, not a truth teller.

She doesn't care about Iraq.

And, honestly, her husband didn't either.

Let's not confuse their efforts (as Democrats) to bring down the Bully Boy Bush administration with efforts to stop the Iraq War.

Her husband wrote a column about "What I Didn't Find In Africa?" refuting Bully Boy Bush's claim in January 2003 in the State of the Union Address.

And he gets applause for that.

As Tracy Chapman sings, "The police always come late -- if they come at all."

How did that help anyone?

Let's be honest.

These two whores got a movie about their 'lives.'

No one saw it because the media can sell lies but it *can't* sell tickets.

The Wilsons didn't do a damn thing.

Bully Boy Bush gave the speech in January 2003.

The Iraq War started in March of 2003.

Joe Wilson wrote his column in . . . July of 2003.

So let's all stop the pretense that Wilson did a damn thing to stop the Iraq War.

He waited until it was comfortable to speak out against Bully Boy Bush and that's what he did.

Even then, you couldn't call it him speaking out against the Iraq War.

That's why he and his awful wife are promoting Hillary Clinton again.

And Valerie lies so much on her Twitter feed, she must have learned in the CIA.

That's the other part of the 'tragedy,' remember.

The Bully Boy Bush administration outed CIA undercover agent Valerie Plame to get back at Joe Wilson (she is married to Wilson).

Oh, the tragedy!!!!

It wasn't the end of the world.

But they rode it as their own personal tragedy.

With their glossy photo spread in VANITY FAIR.

It was another case where something minor happens to a blond woman and the media gloms on it while women of color are being killed and that gets ignored.

To this day, all Valerie Plame can do is whine about what happened to her.

As though she lost a husband, child or parent in the Iraq War?

She and her boring husband have nothing to offer.

(Bully Boy Bush's administration outing her was a crime -- thanks to legislation Poppy Bush fought for.  It was not the end of the world.  And what's needed is more light and exposure on the CIA.  But Val will never Tweet about that.)

They're pimping Hillary -- that tells you how little they care about the Iraq War.

After 's vote for war, lucrative Iraq contracts went to Clinton benefactors and

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