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الثلاثاء، 4 يونيو 2013

Emergency Alert: Lynne Stewart In Grave Danger

Emergency Alert: Lynne Stewart In Grave Danger

Lynne Stewart

June 1, 2012

Just last week, the warden of Carswell FCI, the federal medical facility where Lynne is being held, agreed to forward her compassionate petition to the Department of Justice. Lynne is suffering Stage Four breast cancer. The time to increase the heat is now, as she explains, below.

Dear Friends and Supporters:

One month ago I made a request for compassionate release which was honored by the warden at Carswell Federal Medical Center. Today the papers are still on a desk in Washington, D.C. even though the terminal cancer that I have contracted requires expeditious action.

Although I requested immediate action by the Bureau of Prisons, I find it necessary to again request immediate action from you, my friends, comrades and supporters to call the three numbers listed below on Thursday, May 30 and request action on my behalf.

This could result in my being able to access medical treatment at Sloan Kettering so that I can face the rest of my life with dignity surrounded by those I love and who love me.

Please do this.

Yours truly

Lynne Stewart FMS CARSWELL-53504-054

& Ralph Poynter

Lynne Stewart Defense Organization

Attorney General Eric Holder - 1 202 514 2001

White House President Obama – 1 202 456 1414

B.O.P. – Director Charles Samuels – 1 202 307 3198 ext 3

For updates and more information, go to

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