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الأربعاء، 19 يونيو 2013


by Iraqi Spring Media Center on 15-06-2013
BRussells Tribunal
May 31, 2013
Main Events:
  • Government forces deploy around Anas bin Mali Mosque in Baquba where Unified Friday Prayers are being held, to crack down on worshippers.
  • Governor of Al Anbar Province, Qassim Al Fehdawi, orders the Falluja Police to prohibit journalists and media broadcasting live events of Unified Friday Prayers in the city.
  • Rebel tribesmen target federal police checkpoint in the District of Tell Al Rumman on the Right Side of Mosul City with mortar shells resulting in the death of 2 federal policemen.
  • Government forces surround the speaker’s podium and the protest square for Unified Friday Prayers in Baqubain Diyala Province in order to terrorize peaceful protestors, while at the ame time militias freely roam the streets under their full protection and care.
  • Unified Friday Prayers Khateeb (Orator) in Falluja accuses the politicians for being the cause of all the crises ghat the country is undergoing and experiencing saying ”You are Iraq’s crisis and problem.”
  • The Khateebs (Orators) of Unified Friday Prayers in the Rebelling Provinces call for the continuation of peaceful sit-ins, protests and demonstrations until what they came out for is achieved.
  • Association of Imams and Preachers of Baghdad refusesthe creation of new militias in Al Amiriyathat go under new names whether Sahwas (Awakenings) or others.
  • Government forces attack some of the peaceful worshippers who make up the unarmed peaceful protestors in an attempt to dissuade them from demanding their legitimate rights.
  • Assassination of Shaikh Abdul Bassit Al Fehdawi, Imam and Orator of The Hidaya Mosque in Ramadi City with an IED with allegations accusing militias of executing the incident.
  • Unified Friday Prayers Orator in the Al Imam Al A’adham in A’adhamiya affirms that the protestors’ stance is  not politicized, saying : “ Out stance is directed to God , alone, and not for a political agenda,” after the government’s accusations that the protests are ploticised.

Today’s Statistics:

-   Numerous Unified Friday Prayers were held in Baghdad and several Iraqi Provinces while the Iraqi Spring Media Center documented most of these Prayers through a network of correspondents throughout Iraq and were as follows:

PROVINCE                                                MOSQUE
1- Baghdad-Al A’adhamiya                    Al Imam Al A’adham
2- Baghdad - Zayyouna                           Al Janabi Mosque
3- Baghdad - Al Qahira                            Al Nida’a Mosque
4- Baghdad - Al Sulaikh                           Al Furqan Mosque
5- Baghdad - Al Amiriya                          Al Hassanain Mosque
6- Baghdad – Al Khadhra’aAl Rahman Mosque
7- Baghdad – Al Jami’a                            Birr Al Walidain Mosque
8- Baghdad - Al Mansour                        Nejat Al Suwaidi Mosque
9- Baghdad - Al YarmoukAl Dakhiliya Mosque
10- Baghdad – Al Ghazaliya                    Al Shekra Mosque
11- Baghdad - Al SayddiyaAl Sayddiya Mosque
12- Baghdad – DouraMecca Al Mukkerama Mosque
13- Baghdad – Hay Al Jihad                   Al Hussain Mosque
14- NinevahThe Prophet Sheet Mosque
15- Ninevah–Hay Al Ma’amoun           Al Ma’amoun Mosque
16- Ninevah – Hay Al InitissarSallah Al Shaikh Mosque
17- Ninevah – Hay Al Qadissiya            Al Nia’imi Mosque
18- Ninevah - Hay Al SukkarAl Rahma Mosque
19- Ninevah - Hay Tammouz                 Al Mufti Mosque
20- Ninevah - Hay Al MeethaqAl Qassim Mosque
21- Ninevah – Hay Sumer                       Al MuhajireenwalAnsar
22- Ninevah – Hay Al Quds                     Al Huda Mosque
23- Ninevah – Hay Al Intisar                   Nour Al Eman Mosque
24- Ninevah - Al QayyaraBillal Al Habashi Mosque
25- Ninevah - Al Ba’ajj                             Al Ba’ajj Great Mosque
26- Ninevah - Nimrod                              The Great Mosque
27- Al Anbar – Al Ramadi                        Pride and Dignity Square
28- Al Anbar - FallujaFalluja
29- Al Anbar - Heet                                  Othman bin Affan Mosque
30- Al Anbar - A’anaThe Great Mosque
31- Al Anbar - RawaRawa Sports Hall
32- Al Anbar - Al QaimThe Great Mosque
33- Al Anbar - Al Obaidi                         Al Mustafa Mosque
34- Al Anbar - Al KerrablaThe Great Mosque
35- Al Anbar - Al Roummana               Al Ghimer and Al Kabassnah
36- SallahudeenSammarra’a
37- SallahudeenTikreet
38- SallahudeenBeiji
39- Sallahudeen                                       Al Dhuluiya
40- Sallahudeen                                       Al Shirqatt
41- Sallahudeen                                       Al Dour
42- Diyala - BaqubaAnas bin Malik Mosque
43- Diyala – BaqubaAl Shahbendar Mosque
44- Diyala – Al MuqdadiyaHay Al Mua’llimeen
45- Diyala - Jallawla’aAbu Hanifa Mosque
46- Diyala - BeladRouzAl Hay Al Asri Mosque
47- Diyala - QarraTeppaAl Sallam Mosque
48- Diyala - MendaliAl Hidaya Mosque
49- Ta’ameem – Kirkuk                         The Parade Ground

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