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الاثنين، 26 أغسطس 2013

45 Killed, Including Children in Baghdad Park Massacre

45 Killed, Including Children in Baghdad Park Massacre

by Margaret Griffis

August 23, 2013

Insurgents turned their attention back on Baghdad where several bombings took place. The worst attack targeted children and woman at a neighborhood park. Overall, at least 45 people were killed and 75 were wounded across the country.
In Baghdad, a suicide bomber attacked a Qahira park filled with women and children, where he killed 28 people and wounded at least 53 more. Two people were killed and five more were wounded in a blast near a Jihad mosque. A blast left one dead and five wounded in Adhamiya. Later in Adhamiya, four men were shot dead. In Arab Jabour, a bomb killed a civilian and wounded four more. Gunmen killed a realtor and wounded his son. A blast wounded two civilians near a Doura mosque.
In Mosul, security forces killed a suicide car bomber. One gunman was wounded in a security operation.
A roadside bomb killed a civilian and wounded another in Haswa.
Three members of one family were killed and two more were wounded when gunmen invaded the home of the owner of a women’s clothing shop in Dujail.
Two were killed in attacks in Hilla.
Shells struck the Abu Ghraib home of a Sahwa leader where they wounded his son.


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