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الاثنين، 19 أغسطس 2013

Libyan Free Officers Vow To ‘Take Back Libya’

Libyan Free Officers Vow To ‘Take Back Libya’

By: Siham Boursoti Translated from El-Khabar (Algeria).

Libya's Free Officers Movement declared that it will continue military confrontations, considering that the time has come for the Libyan people to unify to confront the conspiracy being hatched against Libya.

In an exclusive statement obtained by El-Khabar, the movement said that it seeks to activate 12 military regions and mobilize 14 military battalions, in addition to the air and defense forces.
"Now that events are accelerating, the time has come for dignity and pride to shake the throne of falsehood and urge proud souls to reject the humiliation and injustice that have inflicted their country, as the forces of oppression and darkness have trampled on its pride. Yet, today, the time has become favorable for the different forces of Libyan society to join hands and reveal to our people the magnitude of the plot that led our homeland to humiliation.
"Thus, we declare that we have set the zero hour for this glorious day. We ordered the establishment of the following military areas: the western region including Zawara, Rakdalin, Zoltan, al-Ajaylat; ... Jebel Akhdar region including Rashfana, the four corners, al-Karbouli, the military region of Tripoli, al-Saiyan; al-Ansar region including Tarhuna, Bani Welid, al-Khums, Zliten, Castelverde, Misrata; the middle region including Sirte, al-Jufra; southern Libya including Ghat, Awbari, Qatrun, Sabha, Ash-Shati; and the Telmitha region including, Shahat, Derna, Jebel Akhdar including Tubruq."
The movement also called upon the "commanders of the areas" to head immediately to their regions and be ready to receive orders, stressing the need for full coordination between the revolutionary and people’s guard and local leaderships.
The statement added "the following units ... ought to join their camps during zero hour and abide by the instructions of the regions’ commanders, in accordance with the order issued in this regard." The statement listed such groups as: al-Assa battalion, the Khamis Brigade, el-Magariaf Battalion, the battalion of martyr Abdul Salam Sohban 'Gharyan,’ the battalion of the sons of Walid, Fares and Tariq Bin Zayed, the battalions of Ajdabiya River, the units of martyr Abdul Fatah Younis, the battalion of al-Jareh of al-Bayda and the legion of Omar al-Mokhtar of Tubruk.
The movement also urged air forces to take up their assigned missions and intensify air and maritime surveillance, with full coordination with the commanders of military districts.
"We ask you to join your hands with us and we are confident of your sense of nationalism. We remind you that Libya is for all Libyans without any exception. We shall not let the miserable phase that we went through to divide our people," the statement said.


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