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الثلاثاء، 3 سبتمبر 2013

Khaled gold , commenting on the death of the sister of a U.S. raid : ( captain ) studied at the hands of Major General Ali Mohsen al-Zindani , who chose his way by himself

Khaled Aldhab  , commenting on the death of the sister of a U.S. raid : ( captain ) studied at the hands of Major General Ali Mohsen al-Zindani , who chose his way by himself
:Sheikh considered tribal figure in the of Yemen Khaled Aldhab , brother of the leader of " Al Qaeda " former Kaid white Aldhab province , yesterday, the leader of the party " reform" Sheikh Abdul Majid al-Zindani " the cause of the spread of terrorism in Yemen."In his first comments on the death of his brother Kaid gold, said Sheikh Khalid gold for " Kuwaiti politics " " the way is chosen by my brother Kaid himself joining a terrorist organization and as a result تتلمذه by the Adviser to the President for Defense and Security Affairs , Major General Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar and al-Zindani ."And Gold denied that the organization was offered to join its ranks , saying " they know very well I refuse their thoughts and their attitude and their practices , but I 'm getting them threats every now and then because of this position , it is not me anything to do with them will be a long time or short ."He attributed the spread of " Al-Qaeda" in Yemen that leaders of the former military in the military and religious symbols are running the organization in Yemen , adding that " the Yemeni people he knew well , it was former President Ali Abdullah Saleh runs a branch of the base and Ali Mohsen runs another branch , and we have documents to prove therefore, as proven ways to contact them and how يمدونهم the weapons and support them with money , " accusing favor " that he was behind the tribal state and the army and the incubation of about 50 thousand tribal sheikh fake . "He described the gold, " Sheikh Zindani and Iman University , headed by as" فقاسة terrorism in Yemen , "explaining that " most of the elements of the organization تتلمذوا on his hand, and graduated from the university , including my brother Nabil gold , where he was a righteous man and polite and around Zindani to a terrorist , there are students from Iman University graduate judges of the courts and at the same time terrorists. "He added that " al-Zindani is taking innocent Yemeni people and turns them into terrorists pretext of jihad for the sake of God and then killed or kill others while his sons are investing and working in the oil companies , he wants to other Commission rule Vibnaah deserving of it."He said that " Al-Qaeda" and the party of "reform " of the group, " Brotherhood " and the two sides of the coin terrorist one , adding that " most of the arms shipments Turkish fled to Yemen did not تضبطها security services were for" reform " where the re- smuggling part to groups loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood in Saudi unrest there , and piled the rest to blow up a sectarian war , ahead of any scenario that might happen to them as happened to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. "He believed that the former regime and part of the military and security leaders and former civil championed by the youth revolution " were looted southern Yemen and took control of the wealth and destiny and potential ."Gold detector , a leader of the party " Justice and Development " , that his party with the extension of the mandate of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi , which expires in February 2014"If the presidential election came  Hadi because he carried out the majority of what we want and removed many of the thieves from their positions and trying to work a sovereign state and the law and we are with him in this."

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