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الأحد، 11 مايو 2014

Further proof of fraudulent elections in Iraq

Further proof of fraudulent elections in Iraq
by Iraq Surveys and Dirk Adriaensens on 05-05-2014
BRussells Tribunal
Abandoned ballot boxes, further proof of identifiable ballots, bribery and more.....

Abandoned ballot boxes filled with votes on Suqoor Street just in front of the Agriculture college in Mosul University

The BRussells Tribunal has received the following information, further substantiating the allegations of fraud, made in a previous article we published on 03/05/2014: Fraudulent elections in Iraq
"We managed through a Journalist friend in Sweden to take a close picture of the 2D GS1 barcode on the election sheets, just to confirm that the code actually matches the serial number on the sheet, and that is the case.
We know now for sure that all ballots are matched to your ID as a voter. This a very dangerous issue. the Electoral committee mentioned that the barcode is for counting purposes only, but failed to explain further when asked: "why did you not place a counter or scanner near the box if it were for only statistical purposes, why did you scan at ID stage?"
They also failed to explain why, if it was for only a statistical matter, did they not not use a regular Code 3 of 9 just like any supermarket or any single line barcode would have sufficed. This is not a survey or consensus or referendum on a specific matter, nor an advertisement where you absolutely need the question or webpage link.
They refused to respond in three places: London and Sweden and Baghdad. When asked in Sweden: "can you track back voters by serial numbers now on the system?", one official nodded yes but asked not to be identified. He then allowed us to film some of the operators while they were searching for certain serial numbers that must be discredited by order of the Baghdad office for discrepancies. The sorting was called by numbers. He also refused to comment when asked if any other party has access to the vote information. 
We managed to scan the first line to a match with a regular QR reader android App. The details of each vote have obviously not been loaded yet on the database, but we will keep monitoring this matter in the coming weeks.
We also found out that each set of voters are also serialed on the envelope based on their province of birth in a 4 digit sequence as per image."
Judge Qassim Al Aboudi the formal spokesman of the So called independen​t electoral commission in Iraq posing proud in a picture with the Mulla Style Military Commander of the Asaaib Militia in Baghdad Now what is an election official doing with a militia commander in the first place ???
And here is some leaked footage of one of Maliki's Aids threatening voters and farmers Prior to elections he is also passing out land plots as a form of bribery for their votes to go to Nouri Al Maliki.
Translation: "If they were a president if they were a Head of Parliament if they have our peoples Blood on their hand they will be punished. The second issue is the services who halted the providing of services, alot of the laws tat were supposed to be drafted were delayed, who delayed them? the parliamentarians did you need to know who is responsible for the delay of services so you don't end up voting for them. what i just passed out to you is what you should go for i will be back on Tuesday i will be at your service, but i need to test you the government also wants to test you  after the 30th of April we will come to the election centres and see for ourselves did you fulfil your promise to us or not ??? I expect you to be truthful god willing. The Prime Minister asked me personally to take these deeds and pass them to you in person and i accepted this responsibility i will come after 30th of april and settle accounts, I will see if you kept your word. I am at your service and anything you need you can simply inform me. Now we continue to pass out the land plot deeds !!

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