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الجمعة، 17 يناير 2014

General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries

General Military Council for Iraqi Revolutionaries


January 15, 2014

Communiqu� No. (1)

After days of battles that have been fought by the Sons of the Tribes and revolutionaries, who have now joined the Military Council, and after the spread of the battles to other numerous Iraqi provinces with the revolutionaries in those Provinces instituting Military Councils, and after what the revolutionaries carried out in those provinces in executing the greatest heroic epics while they stood up to Maliki�s militias� and military security forces� aggression, we announce the good news to the great Iraqi People that your sons in these Councils have started communicating and coordinating amongst each other from the very instant the blessed revolution broke out that these contacts and communications between the Councils have been crowned by the agreement to form a Unified Military Council called ( The General Military Council for Iraqi revolutionaries ) that includes all the Military Councils in Al Anbar, Falluja, Mosul, Sallahudeen, Ta�ameem, Baghdad, Abi Ghraib, and Diyala, Dhuluiya, and from this podium The General Military Council calls upon all the revolutionaries in the other Iraqi provinces to join with it and coordinate for the sake of failing and putting an end to the plan of destroying the Iraqi People that Maliki and all those who are allied with him are carrying out.

The General Military Council also calls upon the unity of all Iraqis in all the Iraqi provinces in order to become a unified front in opposing this brutal aggression that Maliki�s forces and militias are committing; they further call upon the Iraqi People to cooperate in ridding Iraq of the evil and corrupt symbols that have brought only ruin and destruction to our country. It calls upon you to work hand in hand to build this country and to return pride and dignity to its sons as well as to reestablish security, safety and prosperity.

The Council also strongly urges the Tribal Leaders in all Iraq�s provinces, especially in the South, to call upon their sons� withdrawal from Maliki�s army and return to their homes safely so that they do not cause themselves to be the fuel for a battle that Maliki wants to save his position and to protect his corrupt allies and followers.

The Council Leadership takes this opportunity to warn any party of taking advantage of the General Military Council�s name or that of the "branch councils" for achieving individual gains or for speaking on the General Military Council�s behalf without due authorization from the Council. It also asks media outlets not to report any news about the General Military Council unless it emanates from its official Press outlets.

Lastly, we remind the Iraqi People that victory comes with patience and that it will only be a few days God willing, that a new dawn will come and Iraq will be cleansed from all the intruders who have abused the Iraqi People and their history.

God will grant his victory to whomsoever he pleases.

General Military Council for Iraqi revolutionaries

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