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الاثنين، 13 يناير 2014

Ill treatment of prisoners is a general practice in Iraq One of the reasons a massive revolt is taking place in Iraq

Ill treatment of prisoners is a general practice in Iraq
One of the reasons a massive revolt is taking place in Iraq

By Ibrahim Ebeid
The International Red Cross Committee was informed many times about the ill treatment and torture of the detainees but no stand was taken by this institution. The INCRC kept silent. The members of the legitimate leadership of Iraq succumbed to severe torture and inhumane treatment. The Martyred President of Iraq was mistreated and tortured, the Martyred Vice President, Taha Yassin Ramadan, had to treat his wounds with water and salt: no one was spared the abuse. Some of the detainees died from torture or by depriving them medical care or good nourishment, such as Hikmat Ibrahim Azzawi. Some became very frail and are dying in their cells that are not fit for animals, much less for human beings. All the prisoners in occupation detentions were transferred to the jails of the sectarian government created by the US and Iran to be lynched and eliminated.
Mr. Tareq Aziz, the legitimate Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq is no exception. His health is deteriorating rapidly; he is approaching his death, in a small cell that according to his lawyer, is not fit for dogs. The cells where the leaders of Iraq are kept do not see the sun, only darkness, and the prisoners are not allowed to exercise or see daylight more than a few minutes a day.
The family of Mr. Aziz appealed several times to the Vatican, to The Pope, and to many prominent Christian and Human Rights Organizations to intervene on his behalf to help his release but there was no response. Not one organization, religious or otherwise acknowledged the human cries of the family of this great human benign, they did not respond to his agony and suffering.
I have seen many appeals from the families of the detainees asking the world, in the name of humanity, to intervene for the immediate release of their relatives.  The prisoners are old, frail and sick; they suffer from chronic and critical diseases. Their families are in need for them since they were expelled from Iraq and all of their belongings were confiscated, They became refugees outside of their beloved country. They are penniless and desperate. They are waiting for the release of their beloved ones.
The prisoners were tried for resisting the occupation of their land and for saying  no to US Iranian occupation. The trials were taking place for vengeance and the courts were supervised directly by Iran with US blessing and cooperation.
How many times do we have to appeal to the Human Rights Organizations, Anti war Movements and the world to take a courageous stand against the war in Iraq, and to help release all prisoners and detainees.?  Do they have ears to hear our calls for help or deafness fell upon them? Do they have eyes and they cannot see the atrocities committed by the forces of sectarianism and occupation, or blindness fell upon their eyes? Are they ignored because they are Arabs and considered "terrorists" by the Western World? Or has the world just fallen under the spell of the United States and Zionism?
We hope that the citizens of the world wakeup from their slumber and pressure their governments, their anti war movements and human rights organizations to intervene to release all Iraqi prisoners and detainees and to stop the atrocious occupation of Iraq immediately.

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