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الجمعة، 10 يناير 2014

Stop arming the Iraqi government’s assault on Fallujah!

The Iraqi government has been bombing Fallujah with weapons sold to them by the US government. Already over 100 civilians have been killed.

Once again the claim that al Qaeda has taken over Fallujah is being used to justify a heavy-handed military assault on the city. And again, these claims are false.
Over 100 civilians have been killed in recent fighting in Fallujah, as the Iraqi government shells the city with American bought weapons. The Iraqi Ministry of the Interior claims that al Qaeda has taken over the city and that a heavy handed military response is needed to take the city back from terrorists. But many residents of Fallujah insist that tribal militias control Fallujah and that al Qaeda forces play only a marginal role in the fighting.
The violence began when the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al Maliki, forced a year-old, nonviolent protest camp in Fallujah to disperse. The Iraqi government has since bombed Fallujah with American bought Hellfire Missiles, a weapon system that is believed to contain uranium and could cause indiscriminate public health effects.

Tell President Obama and Congress to stop selling weapons to the Iraqi government
Please sign our petition to tell the President and Congress to stop arming the Iraqi government:

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