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الاثنين، 24 مارس 2014

Bloody Wednesday For Iraq: 115 Killed, 128 Wounded

At least 115 people were killed and 128 more were wounded in attacks and clashes today. A large number of people were killed or wounded during shelling in Falluja, and Baghdad saw a number of bombings agian.

March 14-16, 2014

At least 15 people were killed and 41 more were wounded, mostly women and children, in shelling acrossFallujaFive gunmen were killed during an operation in an agricultural area.
In Ramadi12 gunmen were killed.
Ten gunmen were killed during operations in al-Soda and al-Sejer.
In Baghdad, a bomb killed one civilian and wounded nine more at a Washash cafe. >Six people were wounded in a blast in Shabb. InZayounaone person was killed and two more were wounded in a blast. Three soldiers were killed by an I.E.D. in Arab JabourEight militants were killed during a security operation.
In Jurf al-Sakhar, a roadside bomb targeting an army convoy killed three personnel and wounded four more. As many as nine more soldiers were wounded in blasts. Security forces killed five militantsTwo gunmen were killed in a clash.
A booby-trapped car targeting police killed four people and wounded 20 more in Ishaqi; the police were lured to the car by reports of a corpseinside it.
Two bombs at an Abu Ghraib market left three dead and seven wounded, including women and children. Gunmen killed two soldiers and wounded three more at a checkpoint.
Gunmen killed two people in Taji.
In Mosul, gunmen killed a prominent cleric who spoke out against terrorism and extremism. Gunmen killed two Shabak civilians.
One soldier was killed and two more were wounded when a roadside bomb blew up in Shura.
In Samarra11 people were killed and 11 more were wounded, several of them women and children, when bombs plated near policemen’s homes exploded. A bombing at an electoral center left one dead and four wounded. National elections are next month.
A sticky bomb in Latifiya killed a civilianFour militants were wounded during an attack.
Gunmen attacked a Sahwa checkpoint in Kirkuk, where they wounded three members and two civilians.
Security forces killed 21 militants in the Hamrim Mountains over the last two weeks.

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