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السبت، 1 مارس 2014

Nouri al-Maliki's Iraq: 'terrorists' (children) attacked, candidates arrested, violence continues

Nouri al-Maliki's Iraq: 'terrorists' (children) attacked, candidates arrested, violence continues

The Common Ills

February 28, 2014
April 30th, Iraq is supposed to hold parliamentary elections.  That's not far away; however, the campaign season has not 'officially' kicked off as many outlets remind.

Right now it's just Nouri's posters all over Baghdad and Nouri's campaign of arresting political rivals.  NINA reports that former Diyala Provincial Council member Ismail al-Jubouri, who is running in the parliamentary elections, was arrested yesterday "northeast of Baquba" and released today "for lack of evidence of the charges against him."

Some politicians kiss babies, some press the flesh at meet-and-greets.  Nouri?

He has political rivals arrested to kick off campaign season.

The assault on Anbar Province continues.  NINA notes Nouri's forces have walled off Falluja with dirt and one of their mortar attacks today -- during the supposed 'truce' -- left two children and two adults injured when the mortars hit their home.

Remember, Nouri's only targeting 'terrorists.'  That's the lie the US government has agreed to repeat.

Here are photos of two 'terrorists' his forces left injured today:

  1. نموذج آخر لأهداف جيش المالكي الارهابي في حربه على الشعب: .
  2. نموذج لأهداف جيش المالكي الارهابي في حربه على الشعب: .

Barack Obama's supplying this tyrant with weapons.

The people of Iraq are suffering.

And if Bully Boy Bush occupied the White House, you better believe outrage would be expressed by the American people.

Instead, most have no idea what's going on (the American media does a lousy job -- intentionally, it would appear) and those who do know agree to be silent or pimp the 'terrorists' lie.

Through yesterday, Iraq Body Count counts 913 violent deaths for the month so far.

Today, the last day of the month, did not see violence disappear.  National Iraqi News Agency reports security sources are stating they killed 15 Da'ash in Ramadi, an armed attack on a Mosul police station left 3 police members dead and eight more injured, a Mosul car bombing left 1 person dead and another injured, a Baquba attack on a family "working in an orchard" left 3 people dead and one woman injured, a Heet suicide bomber took his own life and left 12 security forces dead or injured, a Peshmerga was left injured in an Alfakkah Village shooting, 1 suicide bomber targeted the home of a local council member Saiid Flayih leaving 6 of Flavih's relatives and bodyguards dead with twelve more people left injured, and, late last night, a Hibhib home invasion left 3 family members dead and one injuredAll Iraq News adds that 1 medical doctor, Dr. Sadiq Juma Abbas, was shot dead in Basra "while he was going out of his clinic."


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