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الاثنين، 24 مارس 2014

Israel assassinates three Palestinians in Jenin

Israel assassinates three Palestinians in Jenin

Palestine News Network


Jenin/PNN/ Israeli occupation forces killed this Saturday morning three Palestinians in the Jenin refugee camp.

The Palestine News Network correspondent in Jenin, Rami Daibes, said that a large israeli force stormed the camp and surrounded a number of houses which led to the martyrdom of three citizens.

The three martyrs are Hamzah Jamal Abu al-Hija (23 years), Yazan Mohammed Jabareen (23 years old) and Qasam Mahmoud Jabarin (25 years)

In addition to the three killed, eight Palestinians were injured in the Israeli attack on the camp. Three of them were seriously wounded and were arrested by the occupation army afterwards.

Eyewitnesses told the PNN reporter that after the withdrawal of the Israeli army residents of the camp marched came out denouncing the latest Israeli crime.

The Palestinian Presidency strongly condemns this Israeli escalation and calls for the U.S. administration to act to stop the Israeli aggression that aims to destroy the peace process, according to Presidential spokesman Nabil Abu Rdainah.

Abu Rdainah added that the Israeli government is responsible for this escalation and calls fot the U.S. administration to move quickly to prevent the collapse of everything.

Palestinian national factions in Jenin announced mourning and commercial strike for one day, to mourn and denounce the fall of the three martyrs in Jenin refugee camp by the israeli occupation forces.


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