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الاثنين، 19 يناير 2015

CNBC pronounces Iraq 'back from the brink'

CNBC pronounces Iraq 'back from the brink'

The Common Ills
If you ever miss the point of the never-ending Iraq War, thankfully you have NBC in all its mutations to remind you of reality.  Today it's Yousef Gamal El-Din bringing you good tidings in a post entitled "Iraq back from the brink with record oil figures."

Back from the brink?

Let's put it in here to really enjoy it.

  • NBC News where the news -- like the news staff -- is never quite right.

  • But from that, we do get what the priorities are.  The schill for the White House (NBC News -- in all its mutations) makes clear what matters.

  • The 102 people killed and twenty-four injured in Iraq yesterday that Margaret Griffis ( reports don't matter.

  • Not one bit because, CNBC explains, Iraq's back from the brink!

  • The ongoing crises don't matter.

  • All that matters is cheap oil.

  • Which, by the way, financial experts will tell you is not a good thing for the world market.  The price instability is especially troublesome and that's why you've seen the shock waves on Wall Street.  

  • They do help Barack.  Lower prices at the pump (unless recession follows it) help any sitting president.

  • But they're not helping Iraq which had a 2015 budget proposal based on oil at over $50 a barrel and that budget slashed nearly every social program.  Now with the price dropping daily, they've had to slash even more.

  • So, no, low oil is not bringing Iraq back from the brink.

  • But NBC News does make clear that, for them, Iraqi is nothing but a gas station several highway exits down the line.

  • In 'back from the brink!' Iraq today, more troubling news.  All Iraq News reports MP Nahia al-Hababi, of the Shi'ite National Alliance bloc, has publicly accused the Kurdish Peshmerga (and the Sunni governor of Nineveh Province) of deliberately refusing to allow the Turkmen (and its "8000 fighters") from invading Mosul to liberate the city.

  • All that work the State Dept wasted on trying to get governments to send their soldiers into Iraq and, reality, the 'coalition' of Iraqi forces is falling apart amid backbiting and conspiracy claims.

  • Guess maybe John Kerry took for granted that the Iraqi forces could hug and be friends?  Just like he stupidly took wasted wreck James Taylor to France to perform.

  • If John can get over his stupidity, he might grasp that an elderly, washed up singer -- more famous for his drug use than anything else -- one who had no popularity in France -- none at all, never -- warbling a song he didn't write was of no value at all.  Carole King, who wrote the song, actually does have a following in France and, as writer of the song and a popular artist, she would have been the choice if you wanted to pull off this stunt.  Strangely, Carole's raised funds for John non-stop throughout the years.  But he went with a man.

  • John our same-sex Secretary of State, right?

  • Not that he's having sex with the men, just that little John never feels strong unless he's got men around him.  That's why he's such a notorious sexist.

  • Instead of hauling bald James Taylor out of mothballs, he should have been working on diplomacy in Iraq.

  • He failed.  Barack failed.  

  • Oh, look, there's Ammar al-Hakim doing the work the US government should have been doing.  The Islmaic Supreme Council of Iraq leader's the only one trying to open channels, going around doing face-to-face meetings with various groups.

  • Where's the US State Dept?

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  • Yep, they keep meeting to bring more foreign militaries into Iraq instead of using the time to address the serious problems that go far beyond the Islamic State.

  • Yesterday, Kat's "Kat's Korner: Put a DNR order on Madonna's Rebel Heart " went up as didIsaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "The Conversation."

  • Where's Third?  E-mails ask.  I have no idea.  I went to bed at two and you can blame me because I said "no more."  My attitude was we'd worked long enough on it.  Ava and I did our TV piece (it's on sitcoms) and I even took something that was supposed to up here and tossed it over there (I think Jim's titled it "A few thoughts on movies").  I'm sorry I can't work hours and hours and hours editing and re-editing and watching articles morph away from their original points.  It'll go up today, the new edition.  If they need me for it, they'll have to wait until tonight.  If they don't they can post at any time today.  And maybe Jim can respond to what I've written.  (I won't be mad and I'm not mad at Jim.  I'm just not going to spend those hours ever again.  I'm not the only one who feels that way.) So for the third time since 2005, Third will publish on a Monday.

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