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الاثنين، 12 يناير 2015

Uday Al-Zaidi arrested

Uday Al-Zaidi arrested
by BT on 09-01-2015

The BRussells Tribunal urges the Iraqi government to release him immediately! We express our deep concern about the arbitrary arrest of Mister Al-Zaidi and the harassment, intimidation and abusive treatment against him.

We received from Iraq a confirmation of  the arrest of the Iraqi prominent human rights defender and Chairman of "The Iraqi Popular Movement to liberate Iraq" UDAY AL-ZAIDI  by several cars, belong to the army intelligence office in al-Shatrah, at 18.00h, Friday January 9 2015,  when he was in Al-Shatrah, a city near his  hometown Al-Nasiriya in southern Iraq.
They accuse him of being a terrorist because he has visited the demonstrations in Al-Anbar in 2013. The accusation is under article 4 of the terrorist law....according credible sources, after arresting him, he was subject to torture.
Uday, is outspoken against the "Sectarian Cleansing" in Iraq. On 15 December 2014, he came out on Al-Jazeera TV and gave detailed information about this subject. He said at that long interview that he was "expecting" every thing after the interview.
We will protest until the occupiers leave.” – An Interview with Uday al-Zaidi

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