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الأربعاء، 28 يناير 2015

Iraq News Summary (23 January 2015)

Iraq News Summary (23 January 2015)
by AMSI on 28-01-2015
BRussells Tribunal
killing, killing, killing ...

Two journalists of Al-Ghadeer channel were killed and two other journalists of Iraqia official channel injured while they were accompanying the government forces and sectarian mobilization which have been battling with insurgents north of Muqdadiya.
The killing of the officer of Alharonayh Police Station in Muqdadiyah district, the lieutenant colonel Adel Ahmed al-Tamimi, and one of his bodyguards, and three others were wounded by two roadside bombs targeted his convoy on Thursday night, north-east the city of Baquba, Diyala province.
Person was killed and two others were wounded when a bomb exploded in the Resala neighborhood of Balad Ruz district Friday morning southeast of the city of Baquba.
Killed five members of the so-called popular mobilization and 12 others were injured as a result of armed clashes northern Muqdadiya amid Diyala province.
At least 51 people were injured, some critically wounded; as a result of the shots fired by the celebrants of the winning of Iraqi football team, in different parts of the capital Baghdad and the provinces of Maysan and Ta'mim.
Nine civilians were injured and a number of homes were damaged in a mortar attack on the regions of the Shu'la and Ghazaliya Friday morning, west of Baghdad.
Three people were killed and 17 others were injured as a result of two explosive devices in the area of al-Obeidi and Mahmudiyah district on Friday, eastern and southern of the capital Baghdad.
A Hajj and Umrah official was killed in an adhesive bomb exploded in his car while passing through the city of Adhamiya, north of the capital Baghdad.
A number of civilians were killed or wounded as a result of the fall of dozens of mortar shells at residential neighborhoods on Friday evening in the left side of the city of Mosul, Nineveh province.

Thousands of popular mobilization militiamen killed over the last few months

A governmental security report unveiled the killing of more than 4000 militiamen of 'popular mobilization' over the last six months in the ongoing battles in the hot areas of Iraq.
News reports which published it, said on Sunday that the report issued by the current Ministries of Defense and Interior confirmed the death of (4223) individuals of those militias since it was formed last June during the armed clashes that broke out in the belt areas of Baghdad and the provinces of Salahuddin, Anbar, and Diyala.
The report cited the deaths of more than 60 members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, including five senior officers during those battles, as well as the killing of three Lebanese Hezbollah members who were working as advisors to the popular mobilization militias.
It is said that, the current government claims the non-existence of any forces of Iranian Revolutionary Guards in Iraq despite the Iran's recognition of the killing of a number of its leaders in the fighting broke out in the district of (Samarra) south of Tikrit, and in the (Muqdadiyah) northeast of Baquba.
Popular mobilization militia has been a rising concern since June 2014, when kidnapping, forced displacement, extrajudicial killings and other attacks began to occur at a high level in Baghdad and surrounding provinces which aimed to stoke sectarian violence and to achieve a demographic changes in a certain areas within the capital and other mixed governorates, pointing out that those militias have expanded their activities in several provinces beyond attacks against individuals and other social intimidation tactics, where those Shi’a militias have begun to attack in villages and urban centers, particularly in Diyala, and to increase their presence in large numbers through parades and other social outreach north and south of Baghdad. 

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