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الأحد، 22 مارس 2015

Statement from the Association of Iraqi Lecturers objecting the high education ministry decision to transfer 19 male faculty members from Women College in the University of Baghdad

It seems like we are going back to Hareem Era??

The list of male faculty members who have been transferred by high education ministry from women college.

This decisions were taken and implemented without making any arrangements with the college's or the scientific departments, or even the faculty members themselves. The decision were made in the pretext of implementing Islamic Shareah in the universities.  The association refers to the fact that  male faculty members in other religious cities like Kufa in Najaf are still teaching in Women Colleges, and ask the high education ministry to withdraw the decision and get those faculty members back to their jobs.
Mixed high education in Iraq have started with establishing the university of Baghdad colleges in the thirties of last century and continued till this day. 
Two months ago, ISIL ordered the University of Mosul to get ready to implement  separate education, yet the male faculty members are still teaching women in the colleges, probably they use curtines!! or other techniques. What I cant understand how "Liberating women" in Iraq by American Occupation gotten us to live like Afghani Women under Taliban?? after 90 years of teaching and studying in mixed universities and jobs including engineering, pharmaceutical,  lawyers, etc?? With this religious and sectarian government, it seems like  we are going back to Hareem Era???
D.Souad Al-Azzawi, Associate Professor in Environmental Engineering, Geo environmental consultant.  Former Vice President of Mamoun University for Scientific Affairs,  Former Chairwoman of the Environmental Engineering Dept.of University of Baghdad. Member of the Executive Committee of the BRussells Tribunal.

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