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الثلاثاء، 10 مارس 2015

The world is shocked -- shocked! -- that invaders might destroy a land's culture

The world is shocked -- shocked! -- that invaders might destroy a land's culture

The Common Ills
Susannah Cullinane, Hamdi Alkhshali and Mohammed Tawfeeq (CNN) write:
ISIS is continuing to bulldoze its way through the cultural heritage of Iraq and Syria, with the ancient Assyrian capital of Khorsabad apparently the extremist group's latest archaeological victim.
Iraq's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said Monday it had received reports that Khorsabad had been destroyed.

From Beirut, Kareem Shaheen (Guardian) notes:

There have been reports that Isis bulldozed landmarks in the ancient city of Dur Sharrukin, now called Khorsabad. The ministry said it was in keeping with the militant group’s “criminal ideology and persistence in destroying and stealing Iraq’s antiquities”.

And the braying and chest beating just gets worse.

It's really cute how so many avoid reality.

For example, it was Nouri's attacks on the protesters, his public threats to burn them alive -- which no US outlet wanted to cover in real time -- that brought the Islamic State out into the open in Iraq.

They began showing up -- with guns -- to protect, for example, those doing the sit-in on the main road from Baghdad to Falluja.

No one ever wants to talk about that -- none of our so-called 'experts' in the US.

And when Nouri went frothing at the mouth, the Islamic State took over Falluja and much of Anbar.  And then they spread out further and, months later, seized Mosul.

Forgetting all of the political involved in the above -- because our 'experts' appear unable to think beyond "bang-bang-shoot-kill" -- there's still a reality that even the idiots in the modern press should be able to grasp.

There's that announcing that you will attack them in X, only will prompt them to do as much destruction as they can before X arrives.  Strange isn't it, Barack Obama's still not been forced to comment on that.

But even more importantly, the above destruction that is shocking so many?

That's what happens when you're country's occupied.

That's why you government shouldn't sit on its ass for months and months doing nothing.

But that is what they did -- and what they're still doing -- in Iraq.

They need 'training.'

It takes training for your military to defend the country?

You sit on your ass and doing nothing month after month.

And then you whine that the criminals/terrorists/fighters occupying your cities for months and months and months are now tearing down this or that.

How's that Tikrit assault that Tehran and Baghdad are leading going?

Gulf Today reports they've entered and maybe 'taken' a town near Tikrit.

And when are they going to get to Tikrit.

Because when this operation started at the start of last week, it was supposed to be days.  Last Friday, Iraqi officials were insisting the forces would be in Tikrit by that evening.

It's Tuesday, they still haven't made it to Tikrit.

During WWII, France was occupied for four years.  By Germany and Italy.

I could be wrong but I don't believe either occupying country's military was said to recruit teens and tweens or to use photos of kittens on social media to do so.

But the much smaller Islamic State with much less training has been able to occupy Iraq and the Baghdad-based government has reacted -- both under thug and former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki and now under prime minister Haider al-Abadi -- with a wait-and-see-who-will-rescue-us-mentality.

Sleeping Beauty held hostage by terrorists.

Which countries will save the slumbering maiden, kiss her and awaken her?

When you let your country be overtaken and you wait around for others to rescue you and you wait and wait and wait, it's not surprising that those who took over will destroy things that matter to you.  That's what invaders usually do throughout history.

That's why you should probably have a response other than, "Please help us!"

Currently, to protect the artifacts, the Iraqi government wants the US to do more bombings.

That makes sense in what world?

You want bombs dropped from the air to protect historic sites.

And you're not at all worried that these bombs, when they fall and explode, might also do damage to the historic sites?

Apparently not.

Apparently, the Iraqi government is only worried that someone other than Iraqi forces fight their battles for them.

If Haider keeps showing this kind of weakness and lack of leadership, Nouri will easily be able to not only plot his return but to successfully execute it.

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