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الجمعة، 4 يوليو 2014



Amnesty International announced it had obtained evidence to suggest happening of executions without trials carried out by government forces and sectarian militias in the cities of Tal Afar and Mosul and Baquba.

The organization said in a report released on Friday; it got certificates alarming made ​​by survivors of those crimes that painted a bleak picture of massacres committed against detainees in government prisons in the cities mentioned, indicating that these crimes represent reprisals carried out by government forces before withdrawal from cities Tal Afar and Mosul in Nineveh province northern Iraq.

Survivors and witnesses tell Amnesty International that Iraqi prison guards carried out the slaughter before Iraqi forces withdrew.

"The killings suggest a worrying pattern of reprisal attacks against Sunnis in retaliation for ISIS gains," said Donatella Rovera, Amnesty International's senior crisis response adviser, who is currently in northern Iraq.

In the same context ; Rovera said the reports, that she described it as disturbing reports, confirmed that a group of detainees were killed in cold blood at the hands of government forces, under sectarian motives, saying, adding: "The killing of prisoners is a war crime .. there are laws that must be respected even in the case of the war. "

Rovera has demanded to open an immediate and independent investigation to highlight those killings, and work to bring the perpetrators to trial, saying; All parties committed war crimes in Iraq, should know they will not enjoy impunity forever.

A video obtained by CNN, confirmed by Amnesty International as one of the rooms where the killings took place in Tal Afar, shows a prison cell, the floor slick with blood, where bodies of men are piled on top of one another. They appear to have fallen where they were shot.

In that same video, a woman in a black abaya with a printed head scarf stands over her brother, brushing flies from his body.

She said she found his body among others in a room in the Tal Afar detention facility.

"He was in the prison," said the woman, clearly in shock. "He was killed."

Asked how many bodies were among those with her brother, she said: "They killed a lot. I don't know."

The organization report also recorded other certificates in Mosul and Diyala province, was killing of detained by military and police forces of the current government before fleeing to escape the tribal revolutionaries, in a scene reflects the state of sectarian hatred pursued by government agencies. & agencies

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