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الأربعاء، 2 يوليو 2014

Summary of events of the Iraqi popular revolution Bulletin no. 232 Sunday 29th June, 2014

The Bulletin of events that happened during the last 24 hours.

Iraqi Spring Media Center - Bulletin 228 - 25 June 2014

  • Maliki's air force shelled Alline northern west of Baghdad   .
  • Maliki orders his forces to arrest officers of former army, security apparatuses , officers of special guards ,republican guards in Baghdad and its belt  . 
  • The revolutionaries attacked watch towers belonging to Maliki's army, militias at the entry of Tal Tasa in Tarmiyah district north of Baghdad causing killing and wounding of elements .
  • New York Times correspondent snapshot delegate of Qasim Atta-the spokesman of commanding general of army when giving bribes to the reporters after the conference in Baghdad.
  • Elements of Maliki's army ,militias were killed ,wounded in an attack which targeted them in Um Azohoor, Hasara'a villages in Abaichi nahiyah ,the revolutionaries spread to close Abaichi-Tarmiyah, Abaichi -14 Ramadhan roads to prevent supplies     .
  • Heet camp was accuretly  targeted with 4 mortars 120mm west of Anbar  .
  • Rawah Police Station explosion   .
  • Hammad Tigtagi, a colonel in Awakening militia ,was killed with 12 elements of Maliki's militia ,8 of Asa'ib militia ,their three hummers     destroyed after killing of major general staff –Ahmad Jamil Al-Fahdawi- in his home in Sajariayh east of Ramadi .
  • 3 mortars targeted the main market in Ramadi causing killing and wounding of persons ,Ramadi mosques demanded to denote blood.
Salah-il-deen  :
  • Three helicopters belonging to Maliki's army were shot down in battles near Tikrit   .
Maliki's army shelled civilian homes in Beiji district in Salah-il-deen on 27-06-2014.
  • Maliki's air force shelled, destroyed  Ammar Bin Yasir mosque in Duli Abbas nahiyah in Diyala  .
  • The militias spread in the separated areas in Ba'aquba causing rarity of families' movement  .
  • Stability ,normal life restored to service departments in Sa'idiyah nahiyah      .
  • The revolutionaries in Mansouriyah advance after clashes with militias ,Maliki's army  . 
  • The dead bodies of Maliki's army ,militias are still in the areas which witnessed violent battles in Jurf Assakhar.
  • The tribal revolutionaries in Jurf Assakhar seize 7 vehicles ,blaze, destroy various vehicles.
  • The tribal revolutionaries in Jurf Assakhar capture 30 elements of Maliki's forces, militias including brigadier .
  • The tribal revolutionaries control new areas of Jurf Assakhar.
  • The chief of Babel Council ,operations commander survived from attack which targeted them in Jurf Assakhar north of Babel.

  • A child girl was killed ,her family members wounded as Maliki's army shelled their home in Athraban village west of Kirkuk.
  • The air force shells crowded market in Mosul.

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