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الاثنين، 7 يوليو 2014

Summary of events of the Iraqi popular revolution Bulletin no. 238 Saturday, July 5 2014

The Bulletin of events that happened during the last 24 hours.

Iraqi Spring Media Center - Bulletin 228 - 25 June 2014

  • A force of division 17 –Maliki's army- randomly shot over prayers of Istiqama mosque  in Latifiyah south of Baghdad as they were finishing Migrib prayer.  
  • The revolutionaries accuretly shelled with two rockets –C5K- troops of Maliki's army ,militias near bridge 28 in Garmah district   .
  • Violent clashes happened near the headquarter of operations command ,Ta'ameem hay ,Jazeerah section and mortars sounds heard in many regions  .
  • The air force shelled civilian homes  before Iftar  in Jugheifi Athaniyah, Sajjar ,Julan, Athirthar in Fallujah, the mosques of city demanded denoting of blood making provision to any emergency     .
  • Maliki's air force shells with barrel bombs civilian homes in Saqlawiyah ,Shuhada'a  hay in Fallujah.
  • 3 tanks ,two armored vehicles belonging to Maliki's army blazed in Sajjar battles in Fallujah.
  • Civilian homes shown after being shelled by Maliki's army.
  • A mortar shelling targets Tikrit hospital without knowing causalities.
  • 10 elements of Maliki's army killed ,more than 45 wounded in blast in Mikeshfiyah south of Tikrit     .
  • Maliki's forces vehicles shown in Uweinat battles .
  • Maliki's army shells with planes , artillery, mortars civilian homes in Jurf Assakhar north of Babel   .
Diyala :
  • senior security source: The Iranian  leaders lead battles in Diyala , Iranian planes shell .
  • Maliki's air force shelled with barrel bombs civilian homes in Mansouriyah nahiyah ,other areas causing destroying of 400 homes in various villages in the nahiyah  .

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