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الجمعة، 4 يوليو 2014



In a criminal airstrike was carried out by a government military helicopter, killing 18 civilians and 18 others were injured as a result of various government bombardment aimed at dawn on Wednesday neighborhoods in the district (Sharqat) north of the city of Tikrit, the center of the province of Salahuddin.

A current 'Iraqi army' officer was seriously injured as a result of targeting by a sniper Wednesday afternoon north of the city of Hilla, Babil province.
A source in the so-called leadership of Babylon said : We believe that a sniper targeted the military officer with the rank of first lieutenant in the district Jurf al-Sakhar north of Hilla, causing serious injuries.

Killed one of the elements of civil defense in the province of Nineveh and another wounded by the government bombardment targeted civilian areas on Tuesday evening northern and central city of Mosul, the center of the province.
Witnesses said warplanes attacked the area (Forest) north of Mosul, which led to the fires, and when civil defense teams rushed to the area, aircraft fired a missile at the area, killing one of the elements of civil defense immediately, and wounding another was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Three people were killed and a child injured in two separate attacks, besides, it has been found 4 bodies Tuesday evening in different parts of the capital, Baghdad
A source in the government police said: Unidentified gunmen stormed a house in the area (Rahmaniyah) north of Baghdad, and opened fire on the family members, killing the house owner and his wife, and injury of their child, it was also killed another person in a similar attack was targeted in the district (Mada'in ) south of the capital, without knowing the reasons and motives of both attacks.

Two people were killed, one of them a member of the current Interior Ministry, and four others were wounded by a roadside bomb and gun attack in separate locations Wednesday afternoon south of the capital Baghdad.
A government official said a bomb exploded near the shops in the district (Mahmudiya) south of Baghdad, killing one civilian in the case, and wounding four others, while unidentified gunmen have killed an employees of the Office of the so-called Inspector General of the current Interior Ministry in an attack targeted his car on the road (Mohammad Qasim) east of the capital

Two government police officers were injured in an armed attack targeted a patrol Wednesday evening east of the city of Baquba, capital of Diyala province
An official in the province said: Unidentified gunmen were traveling in a civilian car opened fire with machine guns on a police patrol (local) as they pass in district (Mansuriyya) east of Baquba, wounding two of its members with various injuries

EXCLUSIVE .. Number of elements of the government army and pro-government militias were killed and wounded; in an attack on a military convoy on the city of Tikrit, the center of Salahuddin province on Wednesday.
A private sources told The convoy, which was coming earlier from the city of Samarra, exposed to an ambush in the area (Altrabulh ) few kilometers south of Tikrit, which led to the outbreak of violent clashes, which resulted in flee of the convoy after suffering heavy losses.

Five people were killed, including a government policeman, and wounded 18 others, including three policemen, in two blasts in separate areas Wednesday evening west of the capital Baghdad.
A current Interior Ministry source said that a person wearing an explosive belt blew himself up at the entrance of Husseinya (Mustafa) in the neighborhood of (Jihad) west of Baghdad, killing four civilians instantly, and wounding 15 others, while another bomb exploded on a government police patrol passed near the yard (Abbas Ibn Firnas) at airport Road west of the capital Baghdad, also, killing of one of its members in the case, and wounding three others, and causing material damage the truck they were traveling.

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