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الاثنين، 18 أغسطس 2014

American military vs. American military in Iraq?

American military vs. American military in Iraq?

When President Bush ordered U.S. forces into Iraq in 2003, trends forecaster Gerald Celentepredicted that no matter the outcome, the result would eventually lead to civil war.  Well, it took 11 years from that time for his prognostication to come to pass, but ironically, it is another civil war that is about to take place in the region, and it has nothing to do with the Sunnis, Shiites, or Kurds.

It has to do with one American military force about to face off with another American militaryforce.
On Jun 19, President Barack Obama ordered 300 U.S. military advisers into Iraq to ‘help’ stabilize the country after radical Muslim insurgents invaded the nation from Syria.  But few understand the ramifications of this, or the fact that America has multiple types of military forces, with several not being tied at all to the Pentagon or Department of Defense.
The primary insurgent force in Iraq today is known as ISIS, and is led by a former prisoner that was let loose by President Obama in 2009.  And according to Jordanian sources, as well as from an interview on Friday with Dr. Jim Willie, ISIS was not only trained by Langley and CIA operatives, but their leader Baghdadi was indoctrinated while in prison, and released in 2009 to become an agent leading one force of the CIA’s covert military.
Jim Willie: The troops that are working there (Syria/Iraq) are Langley troops.  They’re trained, funded, and armed by Langley.
What I’m hearing… the U.S. military (Pentagon regulars), and you have to be careful when you refer to U.S. military anymore.  What kind of U.S. military? Is it the Pentagon U.S. Army, or is it the Langley military, which has unmarked uniforms and 10′s of thousands of mercenaries?
They’re about to encounter each other in Iraq.  The U.S. military Pentagon regulars evacuated Iraq, and what filled the vacuum was the Langley mercenaries, trained for Syria, that migrated South and announced their new agenda.
If and when the Pentagon regulars encounter the Langley mercenaries in Iraq, Obama’s going to get a house call, because U.S. military will be fighting U.S.military.  Pentagon vs. Langley. – Trunews, June 27
Dr Willie went on to say that if this happens, pressure from both the Pentagon and Congress will become so great that the possibility of a full impeachment and indictment will take place.
America is finally reaping the consequences of a foreign policy that predicated that the U.S. was to be the policeman to the world, and needed to dip their fingers in every nation and conflict that emerges.  And with the Middle East blowing up into pure chaos in nearly every quarter of the region, the very mechanisms the government created to fight both an overt and covert war under the ideological straw man known is terrorism is about to come to a harsh reality where Americanmilitary could be facing off against American military, and actual objectives for war no longer have any relevance or meaning.
Kenneth Schortgen Jr is a writer for, and hosts the popular web blogThe Daily Economist. Ken can also be heard Friday evenings giving an weeklyeconomic report on the Angel Clark radio show.

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