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السبت، 30 أغسطس 2014

True friendship

True friendship
by Fidel Castro on 29-08-2014
BRussells Tribunal
Our world is experiencing an exceptional and unique moment, each day, an increasing number of people are aware of it. Among such events, one of the most dramatic is the genocide being carried out in the Gaza Strip.

Yesterday I received the visit of the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, who made a trip abroad related to the defense of major oil interests of his country.
On their way through Cuba took the opportunity to make contact with me and greet me personally as promised, on 13 August this year when I had the privilege of meeting 88. That day had given me some fruits, including as a tiny pearls, which I had never even seen and are of excellent flavor. He also gave me a sports uniform, compliments of Venezuelan athletes seeking laurels for his country.
I was happy to comply as soon extraordinarily visit, not only for the honor of your presence and involves rapid action, which requires the difficult task of carrying out the epic struggle of Hugo Chavez, but also for the exceptional activities being performed.
Our world is experiencing an exceptional and unique moment, each day, an increasing number of people are aware of it. Among such events, one of the most dramatic is the genocide being carried out in the Gaza Strip, where 1.8 million people live caught between the desert and the sea and the military power of a country in the Middle East, where the most powerful empire that has ever been created over half a century, at a cost, by some estimates, approaching one hundred billion dollars, a sophisticated nuclear military power and irresponsible again. Many people wonder: Who leads whom, United States Israel Israel or the United States?
The facts are visible. White rocket scheduled, fast and accurate bombers, artillery and armored modern tanks, attack buildings full of people, as well as hospitals, schools and service facilities; killing children, youth, elderly, mothers, and fathers.
Occurred prior atrocities. Course without referring to past millennia, but fights that happened before the Second World War: Ethiopian War, Civil War Spain, Guernica bombing, war Japan to conquer China, United States interventions in Latin America; events causing commotion, but no resemblance to the creepy scenes observed today in the images seen today every citizen at home on television. Politicians turban and chaos is evident in world politics.
So was the meeting with Venezuelan President so useful. I found, however, that silence would not benefit anyone. Most sincerely congratulated him on what he was doing for the martyred people of the Gaza Strip. Countries suffering a tragedy deserve continued assistance to the extent of the resources of a country, no matter how hard their own situation. That was what made Cuba, even in their most difficult times under the fierce Yankee blockade that has lasted over half a century.
What makes today Venezuela is an outstanding example. Punic imperialism measures against it are known since tried to overthrow Chavez with the support of the fascist oligarchy in Venezuela, and delete it if possible. He never wavered and was supportive of our country in difficult times.
I congratulated President Maduro for his extraordinary solidarity with the heroic people of the Gaza Strip. Just came news of the genocide and the large number of children, mothers and injured or killed by the genocidal Israeli attacks people, ordered to prepare a military cargo aircraft, US-made only with great difficulty can be overcome blocking pieces for their manufacturers, and send equipment, essential medicines and food to Egypt to Gaza; also sent to the tireless Minister of Foreign Affairs to Cairo in order to obtain the relevant broadcast it for those who desperately needed support.
Since then the brave Venezuelan pilots carry their load saving, which allows saving mothers, children and adults of death. I read today though a dispatch from the Associated Press from Venezuela, where statements “Clinics and Hospitals Association of Venezuela, which brings” a “private health facilities in the country” is published, calling on the Government to declare a “humanitarian emergency” to deal with the “shortage of supplies, medicines, medical equipment and spare parts” which they claim “threatening people’s lives.”
What a huge coincidence! This demand is realized precisely when the Gaza Strip Yankee-Israeli genocide occurs and the poorest overcrowded area in the community who have lived there for millennia.
That’s what makes it so meritorious conduct President Maduro and Venezuelan military and specialists who perform exemplary conduct as to the tragedy of the brotherly people of Palestine.
Many things could be said at this remarkable fact if Homo Sapiens managed to live, what would be in their hands, and not kills himself.
During a tour of areas involving large food prospects two workers appear. I asked them if they knew the companion.They looked good and said, “The President Maduro” and smiled mischievously. I asked them what level of education they had. The youngest said: “12 degrees.” The other, still young and strong, replied that he was graduated as a teacher of Physical Education and Sports, on which he worked for several years. Finally I asked them if they would be willing to work in Venezuela, and I enthusiastically responded, “Of course I do!”.
I will not expand if you intend to publish this letter today, as I expressed to the Venezuelan President.

Fidel Castro Ruz
August 20, 2014
6 to 44 pm

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