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الثلاثاء، 12 أغسطس 2014

US arms, trains death squads as it desperately needs war: Analyst

US arms, trains death squads as it desperately needs war: Analyst

Press TV

A political analyst says the United States trains and arms death squads because it needs “an eternal war” for its economy to recover.
“The Americans try everything to blow up all bridges between people, between countries, between nations. It’s as if they want an eternal war. And of course, all that has been written down by the Project for the New American Century in 1997, rebuilding America’s forces,” said Belgium-based Dirk Adriaensens of BRussells Tribunal in a phone interview with Press TV.
“Throughout its history, the United States has always trained, armed, and supported death squads; they trained lethal forces in Vietnam, Middle America; in Afghanistan they created al-Qaeda, and we see it in Iraq, we see it in Syria, we see it in Libya; and now they are going to train forces also in Ukraine which is madness,” he added.
Adriaensens was referring to an announcement by the Pentagon which said the US planned to send troops to Ukraine in order to train Ukrainian military forces.
According to the Pentagon plan, which has to be approved by Congress, US troops stationed in Europe or California National Guard soldiers will train and equip Ukrainian National Guard forces at a security center inside Ukraine.
The White House has asked Congress for authority to spend $19 million next year for training and equipping Ukrainian forces.
Adriaensens says the US is always in the desperate need of war because its economy is a war economy.
“I assume that they desperately need war to recover from their crisis. The American economy is already a war economy and they need to produce arms and these arms are going to kill people and destroy whole countries in the near future and they are already busy doing so,” he said.
“The United States is a rogue country and I think that the United States is busy destroying the whole world and if the world doesn’t wake up, this is going to continue and it will end up in the third World War,” Adriaensens noted.

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