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الاثنين، 25 أغسطس 2014

The Great trick

Many urban legends were unleashed about Saddam Hussein before and after the March 2003 invasion of Iraq; all meant to make him look like a bumbling fool. Once it began to look like Iraq had no WMD, the politicians and the political pundits accused Saddam of deception. They begrudgingly admitted there may be no WMD, but Saddam deceived everyone into believing Iraq had them so Iran and other countries would not threaten Iraq. Here's the front page of the Baghdad Observer from June 11, 1995. Two stories are about Iraq no longer having WMD. And, Saddam's picture is right in the middle. He wasn't trying to swerve anyone, yet the propaganda swerved almost everyone. If I knew this from my garage/office in La Mesa, CA, why the fuck didn't US intelligence or the meida know it? And, this was eight years before the invasion of Iraq.

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