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الأربعاء، 11 فبراير 2015

Danger in Iraq, distraction in America

Danger in Iraq, distraction in America

The Common Ills
Alsumaria reports a bombing outside of Baghdad today left 1 Iraqi soldier dead and three more injured while a bombing just north of Baghdad left another person injured and 2 suicide car bombers to the south of Tikrit took their own lives and the lives of 6 Iraqi security forces with twenty-nine more left injured.

The violence hasn't changed, not even the targets have changed.

  • But over the weekend, Secretary of State John Kerry insisted the Iraqi government was doing what was needed.  And when one's not distracted by the lies of the US government, they can turn toThe Daily Show and chuckle over Jon Stewart's rewriting of history and pretend they just got informed.

    A number of e-mails this morning note outrage over the way dancing monkeys like Jon Stewart distract for the actual realities of Iraq.

    Jon will get his.

    He's entered that phase that many 'cute' but not handsome men do as the looks vanish.  He now resembles a spry Angela Lansbury and, as Comedy Central, he and his audience are aging out of the demographics.

    But, yes, it is is offensive that he does ahistorical jokes while ignoring current realities.

    However, for my money, the most offensive person right now is a stupid woman who's bringing up Steven D. Green in an apparent attack on Chris Kyle.

    I've called out the attacks on Kyle.

    But this is even worse.

    This idiot thinks she's found the way: She'll use Green's words to attack/indict Kyle.

    A rapist and a murderer.

    She'll use a rapist and murderer's words.

    Words spoken, please note, only after Green was convicted and desperate to save his own ass in the sentencing.

    She'll treat those as honest remarks.

    Which shows you just how filthy the sewer is that too many 'commentators' are living in.

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