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الثلاثاء، 14 مايو 2013

10 May: 'Our Choice is to Protect Our Dignity' Friday

Summary Of Events Of The Iraqi Popular Revolution, Friday 10 May 2013 Bulletin No.18

Bulletin No. 18
Friday 10 May 2013
Main Events:
-       Shaikh Khalid Al Hamoud Al Jumaily : “We have not authorized Mohammed Taha Hamdoun to speak on behalf of the Falluja Arena or to negotiate or agree to regionalism.
-       Governor of Al Anbar Province prohibits T.V. Channel Stations broadcasting Unified Friday Prayers.
-       Security forces prevent media outlets access to Unified Friday Prayers in Kirkuk.
-       The Unified Friday Prayers’ Orator (Khateeb) in Falluja: “ We are staying here and remain patient; considering God sufficient unto us; we will not back down and will not return until we achieve what we came out for.”
-       Security forces prevent media personnel with T.V. Live Broadcasting Vans as well as cameras access to Pride and Dignity Square in Ramadi, for live broadcasting of Unified Friday Prayers, informing journalists that this order came from “higher authorities” in the Provincial Council and the government.
-       Arrest of Reuters and B.B.C. correspondents by the Anbar Operations Command because of their previous coverage of Unified Friday Prayers activities in Ramadi.
-       Bomb explosion (IED) on departure of worshippers from the Salih Al Sultan Mosque in the Mahaweel District, north Babylon.
-       The Beiji Unified Friday Prayers Orator (Khateeb) expresses his surprise at the government’s unlimited support for the sectarian militias and of its repression of the peaceful protests and its accusations of terrorism for same protests.
-       Government forces detain 4 platform guards in Hay Al Mua’llimeen in Muqdadiya after the Orator ascended the platform.
-       Unified Friday Prayers Orator (Khateeb) in Kirkuk: “ We will not accept the presence of this army in our City, for it murders the Iraqi People, wrongfully.”
-       Association of Learned Men in Al Amiriya: “Raid on the Mustafa Mosque in Al Amiriya in Baghdad, after Friday Prayers by S.W.A.T. forces.
-       S.W.A.T. forces raid the home of Shaikh Aqeel Al Fehdawi, a foremost protest and Unified Friday Prayers organizer and Spokesman for the Association of Imams and Preachers of Baghdad, in the Al Amiriya District.

Today’s Statistics:
-    Numerous Unified Friday Prayers were held in Baghdad and several Iraqi Provinces while the Iraqi Spring Media Center documented most of these Prayers through a network of correspondents throughout Iraq and were as follows:

PROVINCE                                                       MOSQUE
1-    Baghdad-Al A’adhamiya                    Al Imam Al A’adham
2-    Baghdad – Zayyouna                          Waheeb Al Faraj Mosque
3-    Baghdad-Al Qahira                             Al Nida’a Mosque
4-    Baghdad-Al Sulaikh                            Al Furqan Mosque
5-    Baghdad – Hay Tunis                         Al qura’an Al Kareem Mosque
6-    Baghdad – Al Amiriya                        Al Amiriya Martyrs Square
7-    Baghdad-Al Khadra’a                         Al Rifa’i Mosque
8-    Baghdad-Al Jami’a                              Al Niai’mi Mosque
9-    Baghdad – Al Mansour                       Hay Dragh Mosque
10- Baghdad-Al Yarmouk                Al Shawwaf Mosque
11- Baghdad – Al Ghazaliya            Al Shakra Mosque
12- Baghdad-Al Sayddiya                Abdul Jabbar Mosque
13- Baghdad-Hay Al Jihad               Al Hussain Mosque
14- Baghdad – Doura                       Suhaib Al Roumi Mosque
15- Ninevah                                      The Prophet Sheet Mosque
16- Ninevah-Al Mansour                The Imam Yehya Mosque
17- Ninevah- Hay 17th July              The Mufti Mosque
18- Ninevah-Hay 17th July               Barekat Al Rahmnan Mosque
19- Ninevah- Hay Al Sukkar             Al Rahma Mosque
20- Ninevah-Hay Al Keramah         Nour Al Eaman Mosque
21- Ninevah- Al Qadissiya Al Thaniya   Al Niai’mi Mosque
22- Ninevah- Hay Al Meethaq                Al Qassim Mosque
23- Ninevah-Hay Al Keramah           Al Seekati Mosque
24- Ninevah- Al Qayyara                   Billal Al Habashi Mosque
25- Ninevah-Al Ba’ajj                         Al Ba’ajj Great Mosque
26- Ninevah-Nimrod                          The Great Mosque
27- Ninevah-Hammam Al Aleel       The Great Mosque
28- Al Anbar-Al Ramadi                       Pride and Dignity Square
29- Al Anbar- Falluja                           Falluja
30- Al Anbar – Heet                            Othman bin Affan Mosque
31- Al Anbar-A’ana                             The Great Mosque
32- Al Anbar-Rawa                              Rawa Sports Ground
33- Al Anbar – Al Qaim                      The Great Mosque
34- Al Anbar-Al Obaidi                       Al Mustafa Mosque
35- Al Anbar-Al Kerrabla                   The Great Mosque
36- Al Anbar – Al Roummana           Al Ghimer and Al Kabassnah Mosques                                                                         
37- Sallahudeen                                   Sammarra’a
38- Sallahudeen                                   Tikreet
39- Sallahudeen                                   Beiji
40- Sallahudeen                                 Al Dhuluiya
41- Sallahudeen                                 Al Shirqatt
42- Sallahudeen                                 Al Dour-Omar bin Abdul Azeez Mosque                                                        
43- Diyala – Baquba                        Sarriya Mosque
44- Diyala –Al Muqdadiya             Hay Al Mua’llimeen
45- Diyala – Jallawla’a                    Abu Hanifa Mosque
46- Diyala – Belad Rouz                 Al Hay Al Asri Mosque
47- Diyala – Qarra Teppa              Al Sallam Mosque
48- Diyala – Mendali                     Al Hidaya Mosque
49- Ta’ameem – Kirkuk                 The Parade Ground

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