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الاثنين، 20 مايو 2013

Seven killed in Yemen drone strike

Seven killed in Yemen drone strike

May 18, 2013
AT least seven suspected al-Qaeda members, including the leader of the group, have been killed in a drone air strike in south Yemen.

The suspected terrorist leader was Talal bin Aidi, one of the leaders of the Ansar al-Sharia organisation linked to al-Qaeda in Yemen, officials said on Saturday.

The group was travelling in a truck full of explosives and munitions through the southern province of Abyan, when they were targeted by a drone before dawn Saturday.

Militants of Ansar al-Sharia fled to that area last year from the city of Zinjibar.

In May 2012, the armed forces launched an offensive against the territories of the terrorist group in that province, which ended with the expulsion of jihadists from the towns of Jaar, Lawdar and Zinjibar.

The activities of al-Qaeda and similar groups have intensified in Yemen since the 2011 uprising against the regime of then-President Ali Abdullah Saleh, whose final ouster occurred in February 2012.


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