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الأربعاء، 15 مايو 2013

Al Maliki: The highest paid head of state in the world

Al Maliki: The highest paid head of state in the world

Shafaq News

May 13, 2013
Shafaq News / A study conducted by a European university revealed that Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki earns the highest annual salary of all the presidents and kings of the world, while his Egyptian counterpart Mohamed Morsi earns the lowest salary.

According to the study, conducted at the International University of Brussels in Belgium for salaries and property of kings and heads of the world, " statistics showed that the total salaries of Iraqi Prime Minister , Nuri al-Maliki is up to 3 million $ per year," stressing that "it is the highest in the world among the kings , presidents and prime ministers ".

"The annual salary of Norway king is the highest among the kings, as he receives one million and 200 thousand Euros per year, while the new king of the Netherlands receives 829 thousand Euros, and the Duke of Luxembourg receives 645 thousand Euros".

The study added that "United States President, Barack Obama receives annually the equivalent of 355 thousand Euros, while the Prime Minister of Germany receives 277 thousand Euros, France 273 thousand Euros".

The author of the first study on the salaries of kings and heads of the world, Professor Herman Matheoges, economics professor at the University of Brussels, said that "King Juan Carlos earns 175 thousand Euros per year, which is the lowest salary among kings of Europe," adding that "the Russian president earns 115 thousand dollars a year, i.e. 9583$ a month".

"The second highest salary of a President in the world is the President of Singapore, as he receives a salary of 2.18 million $ a year, while the salary of Egyptian President is 4750 LE a month, which is the lowest salary of a president in the world, with a total salary to 10 thousand dollars a year, less Arab salary," The study added.

Herman continued that the President of the Philippines receives a salary of 24 thousand $, while the President in Turkey earns 13 thousand $, and the Prime Minister of Israel receive 15 thousand shekel (NIS) about 4200 US $.

This is the first time that a global academic party reveals the total salaries of Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki.

Till now Maliki or his office didn’t comment on the study so far.


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