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الخميس، 30 مايو 2013

Israel Decimates Village, Leaving Many Homeless Including 24 Children

Israel Decimates Village, Leaving Many Homeless Including 24 Children

Palestine News Network

May 28, 2013

The village of Atteer Um al-Hieran is considered an "unrecognized" village by the Israeli occupation, and has experienced home demolitions in the past, in 2007. But this week, residents say, 600 Israeli officers came and "destroyed everything".

The village is home to around fifty people, half of them children. All of the residents are now homeless, with no accommodation made by the Israeli occupation who destroyed their homes.

One 18-year old resident of the village, Nour Abu al-Qian, told reporter Jillian Kestler D'Amours, "This time, they destroyed everything." According to a report by Kestler D'Amour in "The Electronic Intifada", Nour, who witnessed the demolition from beginning to end, said residents had no time to take their belongings out of their homes before the demolitions were carried out.

Kestler D'Amours continues, "Nour now sleeps in a makeshift tent with four of his siblings; inside the tent, thin mats and blankets were piled on cinderblocks, gathering dust as the wind swept through the village. 'It's very difficult. But we will rebuild the houses. We will remain here,' he said."

The Israeli occupation, since 1948, has refused to recognize the Bedouin villages that have been in place in the Negev desert for hundreds of years. Instead, the occupation has forcibly transferred tens of thousands of indigenous Arab Bedouins into government-run townships that are rife with poverty and disease, and have few basic services. One of the most well-known of these townships was constructed by the Israeli government adjacent to the city dump of Jerusalem.

The Israeli government recently approved a plan to forcibly remove the remaining two dozen "unrecognized villages" of Bedouins, along with a plan for housing developments, businesses and shopping centers in place of the villages.


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