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الجمعة، 17 مايو 2013

Taliban statement Declaration of the Islamic Emirate regarding the incidents in the border regions with Iran and Pakistan

Taliban statement 
Declaration of the Islamic Emirate regarding the incidents in the border regions with Iran and Pakistan

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

May 14 , 2013
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan strongly condemns the killing and affliction of our vulnerable oppressed countrymen by the Iranian border security forces and considers it the explicit violation of the human and neighborhood rights. The Afghans might have illegally crossed the Iranian border, but there are various other techniques to halt the unauthorized people from crossing the border instead of killing or torturing them. We pray for patience for those families whose relatives have incurred losses, urgent recovery for the injured ones and especially lofty status for the martyred ones.

Similarly, the armed conflict which took place between the Pakistani government and the Karzai administration in Goshta area of Nangarhar province, according to our investigations, it is a planned conspiracy of the new colonial power just like the Durand intricacy for creating new troubles between Afghanistan and Pakistan, to divert the international attention from the rapid progress of recently launched operations by the name of Khali-bin-Waleed and from the occupation of the country and to conceal the inefficiency of the mercenary government.

We condemn the invasion of our country and its people by the neighbouring as well as the world powers and are ready for the safeguard and defense of our national interests, sovereignty and territorial integrity. As the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has not given up even one span of its land to anyone during its reign, similarly, we are committed today not to deal with none against the interests of our people and homeland. Our priority is to defend the beloved homeland and its people as we did in the past.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan calls upon all the neighbouring countries especially, Iran and Pakistan, to fully observe the Islamic, human and neighborhood rights with Afghans and Afghanistan and to build a strategy on the basis of these values which could pave the road for good neighborhood and peaceful co-existence. We admit that because of the absence of a sympathetic ruler and a sovereign government inside Kabul, the Afghans are facing such indecencies, but it is the responsibility of the neighbouring countries not to take undue advantage from the constraints of Afghans in the presence of a flimsy, slave and puppet regime of Kabul.


The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


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