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الجمعة، 17 أكتوبر 2014

As Bombers Strike Baghdad, Bodies Pile-up in Tikrit; 121 Killed, 157 Wounded

As Bombers Strike Baghdad, Bodies Pile-up in Tikrit; 121 Killed, 157 Wounded

by , October 16, 2014
Bombers returned to Baghdad on Thursday, after taking a one-day break. At least 121 people were killed there and elsewhere. Another 157 were wounded. Most of the casualties were either civilian or security personnel.
In Baghdad14 people were killed and 34 were wounded by a blast in the Dolaieneighborhood; angry residents then threw stones at police. Twelve people were killed and 28 were wounded in a suicide blast in Talibiya.  A car bomb in Hurriya killed six and wounded 16 more. A bomb killed three people and wounded nine more in Jamila.Three people were killed and six were wounded in a blast in Allawi. Mortars killed sixas they fell on Shoala and wounded 20 othersThree soldiers were killed in an attack in Madaen, and another three were wounded.
Seventeen people were killed and three more were wounded in a blast targeting a home in Tikrit, where two families were residing.
A car bomb killed seven in Mahmoudiya and wounded 14 others.
A roadside bomb killed two people in Badush.
In Tuz Khormato, a car bomb exploded near the Kurdish Democratic Party office and wounded seven people. A second bomb wounded six.
Amiriyat al-Falluja is under heavy attack.
Security forces killed 11 militants in Muqdadiya.
Near Sinjar, a U.S. airstrike killed seven militants.
Several militants were killed in an airstrike in Hoiesh.
Airstrikes were launched in Wadi HoranQaim and near Haditha.

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