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السبت، 18 أكتوبر 2014

Iraq Summary News (16 October 2014)

Iraq Summary News (16 October 2014)
by AMSI on 17-10-2014
BRussells Tribunal
A string of car bombs hits different parts of Baghdad.

Medical and security officials said that at least 34 people were killed and nearly 100 others wounded, including elements of the Government army when a new wave of five car bombs hit different parts across the capital.
According to the officials, in Al-Dola'ei district north of Baghdad three car bombs exploded near a popular market, while the fourth one was driven by an unknown person detonated at the entrance  of a government army checkpoint near the restaurant (habaybna) in the area (Talibiyah) east of the capital, whereas a fifth car bomb exploded after storming a joint checkpoint at the entrance to the district (Mahmudiya) South of Baghdad.

In Baghdad as well, two people were killed, one was a government soldier and eight others were wounded, including three soldiers when two bombs, a roadside and adhesive bombs in two separate parts Thursday in the Madain district and the area Sha'ab, south and north of the capital Baghdad.

In continuation of the abhorrent acts of sectarian militias backed by government troops, on Thursday a security force has found 11 corpse, the victims have been abducted by those militias earlier, dumped on the side of the road in the (Dijla) subarea South of Tikrit, medical reports indicated that the bodies showed signs of torture and shot in different parts of the body.

Meanwhile, three people were wounded when a car bomb exploded near the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan in the neighborhood (Turkmen) Central District (Tuz Khormato) Thursday morning in Eastern Tikrit, Salahuddin province.

Furthermore, five civilians were killed and 15 others wounded in an armed attack and two explosive devices exploded Thursday in the areas of Muqdadiyah, Abu Saida and al-Taqrir northeast and south of Baqubah, Diyala Governorate .

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